Birkby in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Birkby
William Birkby
Joseph Birkby
Samuel Birkby
Robert Birkby
Henry Birkby
James Birkby
George Birkby
Richard Birkby
Harry Birkby
Edward Birkby
Willie Birkby
Arthur Birkby
Alfred Birkby
Fred Birkby
Squire Birkby
Jonathan Birkby
Dan Birkby
Charles Birkby
Nathaniel Birkby
Leonard Birkby
Daniel Birkby
Godfrey Birkby
Thomas Birkby
Frank Birkby
Albert Birkby
Sam Birkby
Aaron Birkby
Herbert Birkby
Earnest Birkby
Willey Birkby
Peter Birkby
Harker Birkby
Wesley Birkby
Thos. Birkby
Fredk. Birkby
Sykes Birkby
Allen Birkby
Jonth. Birkby
Franklin Birkby
Soloman Birkby
Evelyn Birkby
Alfd. Birkby
Jesse Birkby
Saml. Birkby
Abel Birkby
Hodgson Birkby
Eddy Birkby
Renard Birkby
Harold Birkby

Top female forenames

Mary Birkby
Elizabeth Birkby
Sarah Birkby
Jane Birkby
Ann Birkby
Annie Birkby
Alice Birkby
Eliza Birkby
Martha Birkby
Hannah Birkby
Harriet Birkby
Lucy Birkby
Emily Birkby
Sophia Birkby
Caroline Birkby
Ellen Birkby
Edith Birkby
Betty Birkby
Minnie Birkby
Annis Birkby
Emma Birkby
Selina Birkby
Isabella Birkby
Nancy Birkby
Florence Birkby
Lydia Birkby
Adelaide Birkby
Louisa Birkby
Leah Birkby
Rebecca Birkby
Pherena Birkby
Frances Birkby
Matilda Birkby
Fanny Birkby
Anne Birkby
William Birkby
Margaret Birkby
Susannah Birkby
Agnes Birkby
Lizzie Birkby
Edna Birkby
Rhoda Birkby
Jessie Birkby
Dora Birkby
Rachael Birkby
Carihj Birkby
Beatrice Birkby
Memelia Birkby
Eunice Birkby
Winifred Birkby

Top occupations

Worsted Spinner
Stone Mason
Card Setting Machine Tenter (S M)
Coal Miner
Worsted Weaver
Domestic Serv
Cotton Winder
Spinner (Stuff Mr)
Teacher Daur
House Keeper (Dom)
Farmer Of 91 Acre 1 Man
Farmer Of 44 Acres
Farmer Of 10 Acres
Engine Man At Colliery
Engine Smith (Eng Maker) G & H
Factory Hand (Textile)
Farm Labourer
Farmer Dau
Farmer (24 Acres Employing 2 Men)
Farmer 2 Ac
Farmer 19 Acres
Farmer 12 Acres
Cloth Weaver (Woollen)
Band Spinner Wool(len)
Butcher Apprentice
C Weaver
Cab Proprietor
Cloth Burler
Coach & Trap Manufacturer Employ 4 Men & 10 Boys
Coal Agent (Dlr) Daur
Colliery Engine Man
Colour Dyer
Contractor & Brickmaker
Contractor & Brickmaker (60 Men)
Cordwainer (Master)
Cotton Weaver