Birnie in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Birnie
William Birnie
James Birnie
George Birnie
Thomas Birnie
Robert Birnie
Alexander Birnie
Joseph Birnie
David Birnie
Alfred Birnie
Edward Birnie
Arthur Birnie
Henry Birnie
Richd. Birnie
Patrick Birnie
Lawrence Birnie
Andrew Birnie
Herbert Birnie
Adam Birnie
Havelock Birnie
Edwin Birnie
Donald Birnie
Rennie Birnie
Benjamin Birnie
Miles Birnie
Archibald Birnie
Albert Birnie
Harry Birnie
Francis Birnie
Seth Birnie

Top female forenames

Mary Birnie
Margaret Birnie
Annie Birnie
Elizabeth Birnie
Jane Birnie
Sarah Birnie
Agnes Birnie
Ellen Birnie
Eliza Birnie
Isabella Birnie
Catherine Birnie
Alice Birnie
Louisa Birnie
Betsy Birnie
Ann Birnie
Susan Birnie
Hannah Birnie
Bridget Birnie
Rose Birnie
Frances Birnie
Augusta Birnie
Rachel Birnie
Emmeline Birnie
Anna Birnie
Ada Birnie
Edith Birnie
Jessie Birnie
Christina Birnie
Victoria Birnie
Cecilia Birnie
Selina Birnie
Harriet Birnie
Caroline Birnie
Ruth Birnie
Gertrude Birnie
Rebecca Birnie
Florence Birnie
Nellie Birnie
Emlin Birnie
Marie Birnie
Lucy Birnie
Eliz. Birnie
Lizzie Birnie
Dinah Birnie
Violet Birnie
Cecily Birnie
Hilda Birnie

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Stone Mason
House Joiner
Cotton Piecer
Warp Dresser (Woollen)
Railway Clerk
General Servant
Son Of Accountant
Coal Trimmer
Grocers Shopman
Wife Of Accountant
Farm Servant
Fireman On Railway
Fish Dealer
General Servant (Domestic)
Fitters Assistant
House Keeper Off M
Grinder In Cotton Factory
Granite Mason Wife
Granite Mason
General Serv(Domestic)
French Polisher
Director Insurance
Civil Ser Widow
Carpenter's Wife
Carder (Cotton)
Brass Founder
Bookmaker Billposter (Billsticker)
Civil Service Clerk (Retired)
Clerk To Cox & Co Accing Agts
Cloth Weaver
Deputy Surgeon General A.M.C. Army Off Retired List
Daur Of Accountant
Cotton Winder
Barrister In Practise
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Scutcher (Ny)
Cotton Rover
Colliers Drawer