Bischoff in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Bischoff
Louis Bischoff
James Bischoff
John Bischoff
George Bischoff
Edward Bischoff
Carl Bischoff
Antoine Bischoff
Thomas Bischoff
Herbert Bischoff
Fredrick Bischoff
Arthur Bischoff
Percy Bischoff
Hugh Bischoff

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Bischoff
Eliza Bischoff
Ruth Bischoff
Maria Bischoff
Frances Bischoff
Emma Bischoff
Constance Bischoff
Menella Bischoff
Janet Bischoff
Flora Bischoff
Elisabeth Bischoff
Pauline Bischoff
Mary Bischoff
Lily Bischoff

Top occupations

Butcher (Employing 2 Men)
Solicitors Clerk General
Solicitor Wife
Retired Solicitor
Packing Clerk
Oyster Salesman(Fish)
Licensed Victualler
Income From Dividends
General Merchant (Retired)
Formerly Dom Serv
Doctor Of Philosoypy (No Occ)
Dock Foreman
Confectioners Assist
Commercial Clerk
Teacher Of Music & C