Bissett in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bissett
George Bissett
James Bissett
Thomas Bissett
Richard Bissett
John Bissett
Alexander Bissett
Robert Bissett
Arthur Bissett
Alfred Bissett
Wm. Bissett
Samuel Bissett
Frederick Bissett
Albert Bissett
Peter Bissett
Charles Bissett
Henry Bissett
Joseph Bissett
Frank Bissett
David Bissett
Walter Bissett
Christopher Bissett
Philip Bissett
Donald Bissett
Charley Bissett
Thos. Bissett
Authur Bissett
Harry Bissett
Sydney Bissett
Archibald Bissett
Alexr. Bissett
Ernest Bissett
L. Bissett
Willm. Bissett
Tom Bissett
Guy Bissett
Simon Bissett
Fredk. Bissett
Freddy Bissett
Evan Bissett
Laurenc Bissett
Daniel Bissett
Joe Bissett
Walker Bissett
J.R. Bissett

Top female forenames

Mary Bissett
Elizabeth Bissett
Sarah Bissett
Ann Bissett
Emma Bissett
Ellen Bissett
Eliza Bissett
Emily Bissett
Maria Bissett
Agnes Bissett
Lucy Bissett
Fanny Bissett
Alice Bissett
Jane Bissett
Hannah Bissett
Florence Bissett
Annie Bissett
Catherine Bissett
Jessie Bissett
Eda Bissett
Helen Bissett
Susan Bissett
Amelia Bissett
Margaret Bissett
Julia Bissett
Blanche Bissett
Bessie Bissett
Edith Bissett
Henrietta Bissett
Harriet Bissett
Margt. Bissett
Grace Bissett
Selina Bissett
Phillis Bissett
Betsy Bissett
Infant Bissett
Tryphena Bissett
Bertha Bissett
Susannah Bissett
Anna Bissett
Clara Bissett
Margt.A. Bissett
Christiana Bissett
Gertrude Bissett
Charlotte Bissett
Rachel Bissett
Leach Bissett
Carroline Bissett
Phillias Bissett
Caroline Bissett

Top occupations

General Servant
Errand Boy
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Domestic Servant
Coal Miner
Washer Woman
General Labourer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Ag Lab
Engine Fitter
Private R M L I
Agr Labourer
Dress Mk
Eng Fitter
Engineer Driver
Dress Maker
Engine Smith
Domestic Serv Cook
Cook Domestic
Cotton Weaver
Domestic Serv
Dairy Keeper
Bricklayers Laborer
Ag Lab Wife
Ag Laborer
Agricultural Labourer
Artifical Flower Shader
Auctioneer Clerk
Bakers Boy
Wife To Agl Lab (A L)
Brush Drawerer
Builder 12 Men
Butchers Wife
Clay Miner
Clerk Commercial
Coal Laborer (M)
Coal Laborer (Miner)