Bizzell in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Bizzell
Charles Bizzell
Ernest Bizzell
Benjamin Bizzell
William Bizzell
Isacc Bizzell
Herbert Bizzell
Alfred Bizzell
Thomas Bizzell
Matthew Bizzell
John Bizzell
Jacob Bizzell
Isaac Bizzell
Henry Bizzell
Stuart Bizzell
Joseph Bizzell
James Bizzell

Top female forenames

Emily Bizzell
Elizabeth Bizzell
Susan Bizzell
Ada Bizzell
Mary Bizzell
Harriett Bizzell
Annie Bizzell
Ethel Bizzell
Charlotte Bizzell
Rose Bizzell
Marian Bizzell
Louise Bizzell
Esther Bizzell
Ellen Bizzell
Susannah Bizzell
Eliza Bizzell
Sarah Bizzell
Rachel Bizzell
Martha Bizzell
Maria Bizzell
Henrietta Bizzell

Top occupations

Farm Servant
Domestic Serv Out Of Employ
Railway Signalman
Stockman (Ag Lab)
Laborer At Ironworks
Hospital Nurse
Home Duties
(Milliner) Peliseu Maker
Asst Dom Serv Gen
Baker (Out Of Employ)
Bakers Assistant
Coal Merchant
Dock Ganger Laborer
Dom Serv Cook
Dom Serv Gen
Stockmans Wife