Blackaby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Blackaby
Charles Blackaby
Henry Blackaby
Joseph Blackaby
John Blackaby
James Blackaby
Thomas Blackaby
Robert Blackaby
Arthur Blackaby
Frank Blackaby
Philip Blackaby
Benjamin Blackaby
Herbert Blackaby
Frederick Blackaby
Walter Blackaby
Thurlow Blackaby
Edwin Blackaby
Samuel Blackaby
Levi Blackaby
Alfred Blackaby
Abraham Blackaby
George Blackaby
Wm.John Blackaby
Ernest Blackaby
Edward Blackaby
Bertie Blackaby
Peter Blackaby
Albert Blackaby
Fredk. Blackaby

Top female forenames

Mary Blackaby
Sarah Blackaby
Emma Blackaby
Elizabeth Blackaby
Jane Blackaby
Ann Blackaby
Emily Blackaby
Margaret Blackaby
Caroline Blackaby
Amelia Blackaby
Ellen Blackaby
Eliza Blackaby
Lucy Blackaby
Charlotte Blackaby
Katie Blackaby
Catherine Blackaby
Beatrice Blackaby
Henrietta Blackaby
Hannah Blackaby
Alice Blackaby
Sophia Blackaby
Frances Blackaby
Rosetta Blackaby
Edith Blackaby
Lottie Blackaby
Celia Blackaby
Jenny Blackaby
Henry Blackaby
Annie Blackaby
Harriet Blackaby
Susanna Blackaby
Francis Blackaby
Phoebe Blackaby
Martha Blackaby

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Machinist (Shirt)
Metal Worker
Journeyman Baker
Laborer On New River
Labourer Dock
Labourer Dock Wife
Leather Bag Frame Maker
Tie Maker
Master Of Workhouse (Munic)
Matron Of Workhouse (Munic)
No Employment
Nurse (S M S)
Railway Lab
Relieving Officer
Retired Baker &c
Jobbing Wheelwright
Groom Domestic
Boot & Shoe Maker
Caretaker Of House (Office Keeper Not Son)
Boot Rivetter
Boot Maker ((Boat Builder))
Boot Maker
Bonnet Sewer
Barber And News Agent Wife
Barber And News Agent
Baker Employing 1 Man & 2 Boys (Master)
Clerk To Maltster
Cook (Dom Servt)
General Lab
Gen Servant Domestic
Formerly Laundress
Formerly Butler
Farm Labr Agric
Farm Labourer
Farm Laborer (Agric)
Domestic Servant
Ag Lb