Blackall in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Blackall
John Blackall
George Blackall
Thomas Blackall
James Blackall
Richard Blackall
Walter Blackall
Alfred Blackall
Frederick Blackall
Joseph Blackall
Harry Blackall
Henry Blackall
Charles Blackall
Arthur Blackall
Ernest Blackall
Edward Blackall
Samuel Blackall
Robert Blackall
Amos Blackall
David Blackall
Geo. Blackall
Ephraim Blackall
Fredk.Wm. Blackall
Prudence Blackall
Frdk. Blackall
Algernon Blackall
Mark Blackall
Alexander Blackall
Emma Blackall
Edwin Blackall
Stephen Blackall
Edmund Blackall
Simon Blackall
Harley Blackall
Shadrack Blackall
Bertram Blackall
Rueben Blackall
Fredk. Blackall
Andrew Blackall
Fred Blackall
Allen Blackall
Oliver Blackall
Francis Blackall
Lewis Blackall
Thos. Blackall
A.C. Blackall
Egbert Blackall
Theophilus Blackall
Stanley Blackall
Harold Blackall

Top female forenames

Mary Blackall
Sarah Blackall
Emma Blackall
Elizabeth Blackall
Ellen Blackall
Ann Blackall
Alice Blackall
Eliza Blackall
Annie Blackall
Jane Blackall
Susan Blackall
Louisa Blackall
Emily Blackall
Lydia Blackall
Rose Blackall
Kate Blackall
Elizth. Blackall
Martha Blackall
Amy Blackall
Fanny Blackall
Susannah Blackall
Eliz. Blackall
Margaret Blackall
Edith Blackall
Hannah Blackall
Catherine Blackall
Caroline Blackall
Bessie Blackall
Anne Blackall
Maria Blackall
Eleanor Blackall
Harriett Blackall
Prudence Blackall
Mytilda Blackall
Betey Blackall
Jennie Blackall
May Blackall
Infant Blackall
Marie Blackall
Amelia Blackall
Horalia Blackall
Agnes Blackall
Henrietta Blackall
Sophia Blackall
Lucy Blackall
Clara Blackall
Gertrude Blackall
Rhoda Blackall
Lilly Blackall
Flora Blackall

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Servant
Ag Labourer
Civil Engineer
Genl Labourer
Farm Lab
Railway Fireman
Boarding House Keeper
Biscuit Packer
Card Tenter In Factory
Wife Of W. Blackall
Dress Maker
Draughtsman (E M)
Electrotype Finisher
Engineers Labourer
Errand Boy
G Labourer
Farm Labourer Agri
Farm Servant
Farmer & Dealer In Cattle
Foundery Fireman
French Polisher
Civil Engineers Clerk
Appice Cabinet Pollisher
Box Maker
Brass Finisher
Brickyard Labourer (MR)
Builder Employing 4 Men
Builder Employing 7 Men
Carpenter & Joiner
Carpenter And Builder Master Employing 1 Boy
Certificated Sch Mistress
Artist Painter
Coffee House Keeper
Com Clerk Cape Merchant
Com Clerk Stock Exchange
Comml Clerk (Coal)
Cook (Dom)