Blackbourn in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Blackbourn
John Blackbourn
George Blackbourn
Thomas Blackbourn
Charles Blackbourn
Henry Blackbourn
James Blackbourn
Joseph Blackbourn
Arthur Blackbourn
Albert Blackbourn
Anthony Blackbourn
Edward Blackbourn
Frederick Blackbourn
Ernest Blackbourn
Herbert Blackbourn
Richard Blackbourn
Christopher Blackbourn
Robert Blackbourn
Frank Blackbourn
Georg Blackbourn
Fredk. Blackbourn
Fred Blackbourn
Andrew Blackbourn
Jesse Blackbourn
Francis Blackbourn
Walker Blackbourn
Alfred Blackbourn
Isaac Blackbourn
Emerson Blackbourn
Tom Blackbourn
Horace Blackbourn
Thos Blackbourn
David Blackbourn
Seth Blackbourn
Samuel Blackbourn
Geo.G. Blackbourn
G.M. Blackbourn
Benjamin Blackbourn
Paul Blackbourn
Willm. Blackbourn
Walter Blackbourn
Ambrose Blackbourn
W. Blackbourn
Alf. Blackbourn
Hy. Blackbourn
Edwin Blackbourn
Thos. Blackbourn
Edmund Blackbourn
Harry Blackbourn
Cornelius Blackbourn

Top female forenames

Mary Blackbourn
Annie Blackbourn
Elizabeth Blackbourn
Edith Blackbourn
Sarah Blackbourn
Rebecca Blackbourn
Ann Blackbourn
Jane Blackbourn
Louisa Blackbourn
Emma Blackbourn
Harriett Blackbourn
Anne Blackbourn
Eliza Blackbourn
Alice Blackbourn
Susanna Blackbourn
Maria Blackbourn
Susan Blackbourn
Ethel Blackbourn
Hannah Blackbourn
Susannah Blackbourn
Martha Blackbourn
Frances Blackbourn
Beatrice Blackbourn
Rose Blackbourn
Emily Blackbourn
Clara Blackbourn
Betsy Blackbourn
Kate Blackbourn
Elizabet Blackbourn
Minnie Blackbourn
Amy Blackbourn
Milicent Blackbourn
Allice Blackbourn
Thersa Blackbourn
Deborah Blackbourn
Maryan Blackbourn
Agusta Blackbourn
Charlotte Blackbourn
Susana Blackbourn
Caroline Blackbourn
Margaret Blackbourn
Florence Blackbourn
Sharlot Blackbourn
Lucy Blackbourn
Erica Blackbourn
Annis Blackbourn
Lizzy Blackbourn
Providence Blackbourn
Lavinia Blackbourn
Naomi Blackbourn

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Ag Lab
Farmers Son
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Lab In Foundry
Labourer Agl
Police Constable
Farmers Wife
General Laborer
Agl Labourer
General Servant
Agricultural Laborer
Labourer Wife
Farmer 14 Acres
Farmer 30 Acres
Farmer 505 Acres Emp 9 Lab & 1 Boy
Farmer 8 Acres
Farmer 94 Empg 2 Men 1 Boy
Farmer Of 31 Ac
Farmer Wife
Farmers Daur
Ag Labourer
Brewer Of Beer
Farming 80 Acres Employing 1 Labourer
Brewer Hostler
Carpenter Wife
Barman (Hotel Service) (Liquor Vaults)
Dom Serv
Domestic Serv
Engine Fitter
Engineer (Civil)
Day Boy On Farm
Chelsea Pensioner Wife
Chelsea Pensioner