Blackburne in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Blackburne
William Blackburne
Joseph Blackburne
Thomas Blackburne
Henry Blackburne
James Blackburne
Edward Blackburne
Robert Blackburne
George Blackburne
Peter Blackburne
Elisha Blackburne
Arthur Blackburne
Albert Blackburne
Gilbert Blackburne
Frank Blackburne
David Blackburne
Charles Blackburne
Samuel Blackburne
Richard Blackburne
Francis Blackburne
Lionel Blackburne
Josh. Blackburne
Willie Blackburne
Edw. Blackburne
Jonathan Blackburne
Wilfred Blackburne
Crispin Blackburne
Stewart Blackburne
Isaac Blackburne
Saml. Blackburne
Alfred Blackburne
Richd. Blackburne
Reuben Blackburne
Mark Blackburne
Ernest Blackburne
Julius Blackburne
Wm. Blackburne
J. Blackburne
Ambrose Blackburne
Herbert Blackburne
Alex Blackburne
Harrey Blackburne

Top female forenames

Mary Blackburne
Sarah Blackburne
Ann Blackburne
Elizabeth Blackburne
Eliza Blackburne
Alice Blackburne
Margaret Blackburne
Emma Blackburne
Ellen Blackburne
Anne Blackburne
Eleanor Blackburne
Florence Blackburne
Harriet Blackburne
Grace Blackburne
Georgina Blackburne
Frances Blackburne
Emily Blackburne
Martha Blackburne
Clara Blackburne
Charlotte Blackburne
Esther Blackburne
Louisa Blackburne
Caroline Blackburne
Laura Blackburne
Bertha Blackburne
Vivan Blackburne
John Blackburne
Avena Blackburne
Eliz. Blackburne
Priscilla Blackburne
Maud Blackburne
Edith Blackburne
Agnes Blackburne
Constance Blackburne
Maria Blackburne
Christionce Blackburne
Ethel Blackburne
Louise Blackburne
Catherine Blackburne
Esmareldie Blackburne
Lilly Blackburne
Betsy Blackburne
Josephine Blackburne
Beatrice Blackburne
Elizth.A. Blackburne
Sophie Blackburne
Harriett Blackburne
Annie Blackburne
Rachel Blackburne
Haidee Blackburne

Top occupations

Farm Work (DM)
Cotton Twiner
Errand Boy
House Keeper
Cow Keeper (Dairy)
Draymans Wife
Drummer 2nd Surrey Militia
Drapers Manager
Drummer Wife
Engineer R N (Officer)
Domestic Servant
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Glass & China Dealer
General Serv (Dom)
General Labourer
Gardener Dom Serv
Foreman Bus Limited Company
Farmer Of 98 Acres Employing 2 Men 1 Boy 4 Sons
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Household Duties
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Spinner
Cash Taker For Theatrical Company
Car Manager
Capt 4th Lanc Mil (Militia)
Blacksmiths Apprentice
Assist Reporter On Colonial Market
Articled Solicitors Clerk
Weaver (C)
Clergyman Without Care Of Souls
Clergymans Daughter
Clergymans Wife
Cotton Sizer Spinning Factory
Cotton Sizer
Cotton Power Loom Weaver ((Silk))
Cotton Dougher (Manuf)
Cotton Cop Winder
Cotten Porter (Dock)
Cloggers Apprentice
Clerk In Iron Works