Blakeborough in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Blakeborough
William Blakeborough
Richard Blakeborough
James Blakeborough
Thomas Blakeborough
Henry Blakeborough
Arthur Blakeborough
Walter Blakeborough
Joseph Blakeborough
Alfred Blakeborough
Andrew Blakeborough
Francis Blakeborough
Robert Blakeborough
Charles Blakeborough
Wm. Blakeborough
Frederick Blakeborough
Samuel Blakeborough
Edwin Blakeborough
Peter Blakeborough
Harry Blakeborough
George Blakeborough
Wm.E. Blakeborough
Harold Blakeborough
Tom Blakeborough
Frank Blakeborough
Charley Blakeborough
Benjamin Blakeborough
Herbert Blakeborough
Albert Blakeborough
Wm.Arthur Blakeborough
Willie Blakeborough
Fred Blakeborough
Edward Blakeborough
Ralph Blakeborough

Top female forenames

Sarah Blakeborough
Mary Blakeborough
Ann Blakeborough
Emily Blakeborough
Ellen Blakeborough
Jane Blakeborough
Alice Blakeborough
Elizabeth Blakeborough
Annie Blakeborough
Margaret Blakeborough
Edith Blakeborough
Emma Blakeborough
Isabella Blakeborough
Amy Blakeborough
Margt. Blakeborough
Florence Blakeborough
Christiania Blakeborough
Ethel Blakeborough
Ada Blakeborough
Eliza Blakeborough
Martha Blakeborough
Hannah Blakeborough
Clara Blakeborough
Fanny Blakeborough
Hester Blakeborough
Millicent Blakeborough
Adelaide Blakeborough
Harriot Blakeborough
Harriet Blakeborough
Eleanor Blakeborough
Hanah Blakeborough
Dora Blakeborough
Margerita Blakeborough
Eva Blakeborough
Charity Blakeborough
Lillian Blakeborough
Sylvia Blakeborough
Emley Blakeborough
Sophia Blakeborough
Isabell Blakeborough
Emiley Blakeborough
Rebecca Blakeborough
Henrietta Blakeborough
Elizth. Blakeborough
May Blakeborough
Harriett Blakeborough
Margretta Blakeborough
Frances Blakeborough
Margarett Blakeborough
Charlotte Blakeborough

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Stone Mason
Cotton Winder
Domestic Servant
Farm Lab (Ag L)
Calf Leather Finisher
Mill Hand Worsted Factory
Garden Labourer
Gen Labourer
Finisher Cotton C P
Gen Serv Domestic
Green Grocer
Iron & Brass Founder
Grocer And Cordwainer Employing 2 Men & 1 Boy (Master)
Hotel Keeper
Hooker In A Mill
Groom (Domestic)
Housemaid (Domestic)
Grocers Wife
Grocers Daur
Grocers & Wife
Hydraulic Engineers Traveller
Finisher (Cott Bleach)
Workhouse Inmate (Pauper)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Agricultural Labourer
Agriculturer Labourer
Boot & Shoe Maker
Bricklayer (Out Of Work)
Cabinet Maker
Carters Wife
Clock & Watch Maker
Coml Traveller To Waterwks Engineers
Draughtsmans Wife
Dress Maker
Engine Driver Woollen Mill
Engine Smith (E & M)
Factory Hand Flax
Farm Labourer
Farm Labourer (Ag)