Blakesley in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Blakesley
Samuel Blakesley
Henry Blakesley
William Blakesley
Thomas Blakesley
George Blakesley
Alfred Blakesley
Albert Blakesley
Benjamin Blakesley
Joseph Blakesley
Job Blakesley
Arthur Blakesley
Abraham Blakesley
Frederick Blakesley
Charles Blakesley
Willm Blakesley
James Blakesley
Walter Blakesley
Isiah Blakesley
Thos.Walton Blakesley
Sydney Blakesley
Harry Blakesley
Richard Blakesley
Nathan Blakesley
Edward Blakesley
Lancelot Blakesley
David Blakesley
Willm.H. Blakesley
Jeremiah Blakesley
Jacob Blakesley
Adrian Blakesley
Tortius Blakesley
Herbert Blakesley
Hen.Chas. Blakesley
Percy Blakesley
Edwin Blakesley
Lawrence Blakesley
Donald Blakesley

Top female forenames

Mary Blakesley
Sarah Blakesley
Florence Blakesley
Elizabeth Blakesley
Louisa Blakesley
Elizth. Blakesley
Annie Blakesley
Emily Blakesley
Lydia Blakesley
Edith Blakesley
Cecelia Blakesley
Caroline Blakesley
Ann Blakesley
Alice Blakesley
Matilda Blakesley
Emma Blakesley
Sophia Blakesley
Julia Blakesley
Hannah Blakesley
Nancy Blakesley
Alicia Blakesley
Maud Blakesley
Eveline Blakesley
Agnes Blakesley
Maryann Blakesley
Ada Blakesley
Martha Blakesley
Sophy Blakesley
Selina Blakesley
Lilly Blakesley
Rose Blakesley
Jane Blakesley
Rosa Blakesley
Harriet Blakesley
Olive Blakesley
Frances Blakesley
May Blakesley
Fanny Blakesley
Adeline Blakesley
Ellen Blakesley
Margt. Blakesley
Elizath. Blakesley
Eliza Blakesley
Cynatha Blakesley
Rosanna Blakesley
Harriett Blakesley
Catherine Blakesley
Phillis Blakesley

Top occupations

Iron Worker
Labourer In Iron Works
Boot Machinist
Shoe Machinist
Hosiery Warehouseman
Hosiery Machinist
General Serv
Laborer Unempd
Iron Pudler
Late Porter
Printers Lad
Printers Folder
Presser Potter
Portmanteau Maker
Parlormaid (Domestic Serv)
Painter & Glazier
No Occupation
No Occ
Manager Hosiery
Lock & Whitesmith
General Lab
Gas Co Clerk Sth Metron
Coal Miner
Clerk To Shipping Case Maker
Clerk Accountant
Cigar Maker
Brewer (Man)
Beer Seller
Barrister In Practice M A
Barge Builder
County Court Bailiff
Dean Of Lincoln
Domestic Serv
Gardener (Landscape) (ND)
Formerly Rd Labourer
Formerly Framework Knitter
Fcy Box Maker
Engine Driver Iron Works
Dressmaker Employing 27 Hands
Drapers Warehouseman