Blaydes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Blaydes
William Blaydes
Edward Blaydes
Arthur Blaydes
James Blaydes
Frederick Blaydes
Thomas Blaydes
George Blaydes
Charles Blaydes
Henry Blaydes
Harry Blaydes
H. Blaydes
Wilfred Blaydes
Christopher Blaydes
Benjamin Blaydes
Robert Blaydes
Jas. Blaydes
Hugh Blaydes
Helen Blaydes
Harbert Blaydes
Tom Blaydes
Sam Blaydes

Top female forenames

Mary Blaydes
Sarah Blaydes
Alice Blaydes
Margaret Blaydes
Lucy Blaydes
Elizabeth Blaydes
Kathleen Blaydes
Gertrude Blaydes
Emma Blaydes
Rachel Blaydes
Constance Blaydes
Maud Blaydes
Blanche Blaydes
Lydia Blaydes
Louise Blaydes
Harriett Blaydes
Fanny Blaydes
Sophia Blaydes
Ellen Blaydes
Rosa Blaydes
Edith Blaydes
Priscilla Blaydes
Clara Blaydes
Matilda Blaydes

Top occupations

Vicars Daughter
Agricultural Labourer
Labourer (Gen)
Attends School
Mechanic (S/M)
Occupation Licenced Lay Reader Profession Non Living On Means
Market Gardener 3 1/2 Acres
Secretary Humane Society
Shopman Hosiers
Spring Knife Cutler & Provision Dealer
Tanner & Currier Employing 12 Men & 2 Boys (Master)
Unable To Work
Vicar Of Uppingham
Vicars Wife
Manageress Of Store
Maker Up (Stuff Mr)
Lieutt East Kent Militia
Apprentice To Dressmaker
Bombardier Royal Artillery
Bricklayers Lab
Card Room Cotton
Coal Miner
Currier & Boot Maker
Dairymaid Domestic Servant
General Domestic
General Servant
Grocers Assistant
Journeyman Butcher
Labourer Genl
Waterman (Boatman)