Blayney in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Blayney
William Blayney
Thomas Blayney
Arthur Blayney
Joseph Blayney
Robert Blayney
George Blayney
Edward Blayney
Samuel Blayney
Herbert Blayney
Richard Blayney
Frederick Blayney
David Blayney
Edwin Blayney
Charles Blayney
Benjiman Blayney
Albert Blayney
Ernest Blayney
Wm. Blayney
Walter Blayney
Evan Blayney
Lloyd Blayney
Jordan Blayney
Job Blayney
W.R.N. Blayney
James Blayney
I.G.S. Blayney
Augusta Blayney
Harold Blayney
Owen Blayney
Nicholas Blayney
Edwd. Blayney
Jno. Blayney
Cecil Blayney
Tom Blayney
J. Blayney
Aurthur Blayney
Samul Blayney
I.C.H. Blayney
Ashfield Blayney
Henry Blayney
Alfred Blayney
Peter Blayney
Orcher Blayney

Top female forenames

Mary Blayney
Elizabeth Blayney
Jane Blayney
Emma Blayney
Ann Blayney
Annie Blayney
Alice Blayney
Sarah Blayney
Eliza Blayney
Hannah Blayney
Margaret Blayney
Catherine Blayney
Agnes Blayney
Edith Blayney
Fanny Blayney
Emily Blayney
Jessie Blayney
Elizebth Blayney
Rose Blayney
Charlotte Blayney
Caroline Blayney
Louisa Blayney
Rebecca Blayney
Elenor Blayney
Clara Blayney
M.E. Blayney
Esther Blayney
Lucy Blayney
Louesia Blayney
Elizth. Blayney
Polly Blayney
Ada Blayney
Isabella Blayney
Eliz. Blayney
Matilda Blayney
Harriet Blayney
Eleanor Blayney
Martha Blayney
Gertrude Blayney
E. Blayney
Mabel Blayney
Ethel Blayney
Lydia Blayney
Ellen Blayney
Virginia Blayney
Anne Blayney
Kate Blayney
Elizebth. Blayney
Rosina Blayney
Jenett Blayney

Top occupations

Cabinet Maker
Ag Lab
Pawnbrokers Assistant
Income From House Property
Fancy Shop Keeper (...)
Farm Bailiff
Excise Officers
Farm Serv
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer 110 Acres
Farm Bailiff Wife
Farmer Of 50 Acre
Farmer Of 60 Acres Employ 1 Boy
General Carrier
Gen Serv Dom
Gardner (Domes)
Gardener Wife
Gardener Domestic
General Dealer
General Serv
Formerly Agl Wife
Engine Turner (10/1)
Work House Porters Wife
Certificated School Master
Cabinet Maker (Employing 2 Men 2 Boys)
Boiler Maker
Coal Miner
Cook (Domestic)
Engine Driver Dock Works
Dressmakers Assistant
Dress Maker
Draper (Out Of Employ)
Domestic Serv Nursemaid
Domestic Cook