Blinkhorn in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Blinkhorn
John Blinkhorn
Thomas Blinkhorn
George Blinkhorn
Robert Blinkhorn
James Blinkhorn
Charles Blinkhorn
Henry Blinkhorn
Richard Blinkhorn
Arthur Blinkhorn
Samuel Blinkhorn
Albert Blinkhorn
Joseph Blinkhorn
Alfred Blinkhorn
Edward Blinkhorn
Bartholomew Blinkhorn
Wm. Blinkhorn
Daniel Blinkhorn
Harold Blinkhorn
Frederick Blinkhorn
Alexander Blinkhorn
Walter Blinkhorn
Thos. Blinkhorn
Jas. Blinkhorn
Amos Blinkhorn
Philip Blinkhorn
Frank Blinkhorn
Octavius Blinkhorn
Ellis Blinkhorn
Miles Blinkhorn
W. Blinkhorn
E. Blinkhorn
Timothy Blinkhorn
Jno. Blinkhorn
Bertham Blinkhorn
Sidney Blinkhorn
Herbert Blinkhorn
Raynor Blinkhorn
Amanda Blinkhorn
Oswald Blinkhorn
Francis Blinkhorn
Willie Blinkhorn
Noah Blinkhorn
Edwd. Blinkhorn
Josiah Blinkhorn
Earnest Blinkhorn
Tom Blinkhorn
David Blinkhorn
Sydney Blinkhorn
Humphrey Blinkhorn

Top female forenames

Mary Blinkhorn
Jane Blinkhorn
Sarah Blinkhorn
Elizabeth Blinkhorn
Ellen Blinkhorn
Ann Blinkhorn
Alice Blinkhorn
Eliza Blinkhorn
Margaret Blinkhorn
Martha Blinkhorn
Annie Blinkhorn
Emma Blinkhorn
Maria Blinkhorn
Hannah Blinkhorn
Esther Blinkhorn
Louisa Blinkhorn
Agnes Blinkhorn
Margret Blinkhorn
Kate Blinkhorn
Edith Blinkhorn
Betsy Blinkhorn
Anne Blinkhorn
Fanny Blinkhorn
Amelia Blinkhorn
Sophia Blinkhorn
Mabel Blinkhorn
Ramona Blinkhorn
Livina Blinkhorn
Emily Blinkhorn
Phebee Blinkhorn
Ada Blinkhorn
Lilly Blinkhorn
Elizth. Blinkhorn
Minnie Blinkhorn
Melia Blinkhorn
Elisabeth Blinkhorn
Isabella Blinkhorn
Zetty Blinkhorn
Marion Blinkhorn
Harriet Blinkhorn
Susan Blinkhorn
Margt. Blinkhorn
Grace Blinkhorn
Rebecca Blinkhorn
Rachel Blinkhorn
Lily Blinkhorn
Naomi Blinkhorn
Lavina Blinkhorn
Millicent Blinkhorn
Jessie Blinkhorn

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Spinner
Frame Wk Knitter
Miller (Corn)
Labourer At Gas Works
Retired Baker
Cotton Dyer
Cop Winder Cotton
Cotton Drawer
Coal Miner Wife
Cotton Operative
Hoiser Shopwoman
Cotton Rover
Provision Dealer
Cotton Throstle Spinner
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Gasser
Cotton Mule Spinner
Dataler In Coal Pit
Cotton Winder
Wife Of Framework Knitter
Cotton Machiner
Bank Clerk
Cotton Drawing Tenter
Cotton Warehouse Man
Carder In Cotton Mill
At Home
Barge Mate
Bleacher (17/5)
Booksellers Apprentice
Braid Makerup
Brass Founder
Cabinet Maker
Cardtenter Cotton Factory
Chemical Manufacturer (Employing 120 Men)
Clerk In Warehouse
Clicker Boot
Colliery Engineer (Driver)