Blois in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Blois
John Blois
Benjamin Blois
George Blois
Charles Blois
Alfred Blois
Jarvis Blois
Albert Blois
Richard Blois
Nathan Blois
James Blois
Walter Blois
Eardley Blois
Ralph Blois
Joseph Blois
Hy. Blois
Harry Blois
Fredrick Blois
Ernest Blois
Stephen Blois
Earnest Blois
Dudley Blois
Alex Blois
Henry Blois
Eustace Blois
Edward Blois
Samuel Blois

Top female forenames

Mary Blois
Alice Blois
Sarah Blois
Eliza Blois
Ellen Blois
Georgina Blois
Emma Blois
Chandris Blois
Harriett Blois
B. Blois
Gertrude Blois
Florence Blois
Ada Blois
Ethel Blois
Maude Blois
Emily Blois
Maria Blois
Lucy Blois
Lilian Blois
Clara Blois
Helen Blois
Ceciley Blois
Harriet Blois
Ann Blois
Adeline Blois
Fanny Blois
Nora Blois
Emeline Blois
Margaret Blois
Elizabeth Blois
Lizzie Blois
Constance Blois
Henrietta Blois

Top occupations

Caps Son
Agricultural Horseman
No Occupation
Railway Labourer
Pupil Teacher (Sch)
Pupil Teacher
Private Tutor Teacher
Landowner & A Baronet
Private Income
Yacht Decorator
Wife Of Shipwright
Wife Of Seaman (Deserted)
Wife Of Railway Labourer
Wife ((Scholar))
Widow Of Commander R N
Under Nurse
Traveller In Cigar Trade
Laborers Wife
Car. Crew
Captain 6 Royal Regiment (... Office)
Caps Wife
Boot Maker
Baronets Wife
Agricultural Laborer
Agl Labourer
Carpenter Crew R N
Coal Porter Cooperative Stores
Hosiers Shopman
Groom Domes Serv
Genl. Lab.
Genl Labourer
General Servant Domestic
Engineer Steward
Domestic Servant Cook
Domestic Servant
Domestic Housemaid
Ag Lab