Bloy in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bloy
John Bloy
Charles Bloy
George Bloy
James Bloy
Henry Bloy
Robert Bloy
Richard Bloy
Walter Bloy
David Bloy
Alfred Bloy
Henery Bloy
Samuel Bloy
Edward Bloy
Daniel Bloy
Jas. Bloy
Berten Bloy
Howes Bloy
Allen Bloy
Albert Bloy
Haylet Bloy
Sidney Bloy
Fredick Bloy
Francis Bloy
Louis Bloy
Bensley Bloy
Herbert Bloy
Wm. Bloy
Walter. Bloy
Harry Bloy
Thomas Bloy
Fredrick Bloy
Frederick Bloy
Joseph Bloy

Top female forenames

Mary Bloy
Sarah Bloy
Emma Bloy
Elizabeth Bloy
Catherine Bloy
Hannah Bloy
Annie Bloy
Harriet Bloy
Alice Bloy
Emily Bloy
Eliza Bloy
Beatrice Bloy
Lucy Bloy
Julia Bloy
Anglina Bloy
Jemima Bloy
Ada Bloy
Susannah Bloy
Sophia Bloy
Edith Bloy
M.A. Bloy
Barbara Bloy
Louisa Bloy
Ann Bloy
Jessie Bloy
Harriett Bloy
Susan Bloy
Selina Bloy
Pamala Bloy
Charlotte Bloy
Mahel Bloy

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agricultural Labour
Agricultural Labourer
Farm Yard Boy
Field Laborer
Field Worker
Blacksmith Son
Servant Dom
Shop Assistant
Slipper Maker
Labourer (Iron Ship Yd)
Timber Merchants Labourer
Ironstone Miner
Iron Turner At St Nicholas Works
Housemaid (Domestic Serv)
Licensed Victualler 1 Man Servant
Marine Store Dealer
Police Constable
School Master
School Master (Asst)
Serv Out Of Employ
Umbrella Mender
Harness Maker
Carpenter & Joiner
Boarding House Proprietor
Blacksmith Wife
Blacksmith Daughter
Baptist Minister
Ag Labr
Carrier & Leather Dealer
Clock Cleaner
General Servant
General Dealer
Formerly Straw Bonnet Maker
Farm Laborer
Draper & Grocer
Coal Loader