Bluff in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bluff
Joseph Bluff
William Bluff
George Bluff
Thomas Bluff
Charles Bluff
James Bluff
Alfred Bluff
Horace Bluff
Francis Bluff
Earnest Bluff
Saml. Bluff
Ambrose Bluff
Louis Bluff
Harry Bluff
Frederick Bluff
Ernest Bluff
Cornelius Bluff
Samuel Bluff
Arthur Bluff
Robert Bluff
Leona Bluff

Top female forenames

Mary Bluff
Elizabeth Bluff
Martha Bluff
Emma Bluff
Annie Bluff
Fanny Bluff
Eliza Bluff
Ann Bluff
Jane Bluff
Frances Bluff
Florance Bluff
Sarah Bluff
Emily Bluff
Rosa Bluff
Elizth Bluff
Margaret Bluff
Katie Bluff
Florence Bluff
Flora Bluff
Susannah Bluff
Rosetta Bluff
Ellen Bluff
Maud Bluff
Lillian Bluff
Ada Bluff
Jennie Bluff

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Machinist (Underclothing)
Labourer (Farm)
Hackney Carriage Driver
Groom (ND)
General Smith
Mangle Owner
Outdoor Lab
Paper Sorter
Plumber Ln
Railway Waggon Repairer
Ry Engine Cleaner
Steel Turner
Gardener 6 1/2 Acres (N D)
Colliery Engine Tenter
Chair Woman
Card Room Cotton Mill
Brick Macker
Brewers Lab Widfe
Brewers Lab
Blazers Ln
Apprentice To Grocer
Colliery Lab
Cotton Doubler
Fireman Calico Print Works
Farm Labrour
Excavator Unemployed
Drapers Assistant
Crucible Maker
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Piecer
Wag Reapairers Wife