Blumberg in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Blumberg
Samuel Blumberg
Henry Blumberg
Ezekiel Blumberg
Cecil Blumberg
Bernard Blumberg
Vivian Blumberg
Abraham Blumberg
Reginald Blumberg
Moses Blumberg
Herbert Blumberg
Gustav Blumberg
Frederick Blumberg
Edgar Blumberg
Carl Blumberg
Alfred Blumberg
Nathan Blumberg
Lazarus Blumberg

Top female forenames

Rosalie Blumberg
May Blumberg
Laura Blumberg
Fanny Blumberg
Ellen Blumberg
Annie Blumberg
Violet Blumberg
Rosalia Blumberg
Minnie Blumberg
Marie Blumberg
Frances Blumberg
Esther Blumberg
Edith Blumberg
Rachel Blumberg

Top occupations

Boot Rivetter
Convicted Felon
Income From Investments
Physician M.D.E.L.R.D.O.E.
Student Of Law (Middle Temple)
Writing Clerk