Boag in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Boag
William Boag
George Boag
James Boag
Thomas Boag
Robert Boag
Charles Boag
Henry Boag
Alexander Boag
Hugh Boag
Frederick Boag
Ernest Boag
Jno. Boag
Alfred Boag
Geo. Boag
Frank Boag
David Boag
Richard Boag
Oliver Boag
Mary Boag
Arthur Boag
Wm. Boag
Walter Boag
Harold Boag
Philip Boag
Matthew Boag
Auther Boag
Ambrose Boag
Jeremiah Boag
Wm.H. Boag
Harry Boag
Timothy Boag
Stenhouse Boag

Top female forenames

Mary Boag
Jane Boag
Elizabeth Boag
Margaret Boag
Sarah Boag
Ann Boag
Eliza Boag
Annie Boag
Ellen Boag
Isabella Boag
Jessie Boag
Eveline Boag
Sophia Boag
Emma Boag
Agnes Boag
Eliz. Boag
Martha Boag
Henrietta Boag
Margret Boag
Hannah Boag
Susanna Boag
Barbara Boag
Maria Boag
Beatrice Boag
Lilian Boag
Kate Boag
Mrs. Boag
Amelia Boag
Johanna Boag
Elizab. Boag
Maud Boag
Jean Boag
Eleanor Boag
Marguerite Boag
Dorothy Boag
Clara Boag
Lula Boag
Fanny Boag
Bertha Boag
Lizzy Boag
Esther Boag
Selina Boag
Kattie Boag
Emily Boag
Rosalind Boag
Josephine Boag
Maude Boag
Alice Boag
Ada Boag
Elenor Boag

Top occupations

Engine Fitter
Retired Farmer
Gen Lab
Bill Poster
Glass Blower
Moulder (Iron)
Money At Interest
Wife Of G L
Glass Maker (G Manuf)
Engine Man On Railway (Driver)
Engine Painter
Engineer Mariner
Envelope Folder (Maker)
Errand Boy
General Servant (Domestic)
General Servant
Farm Serv (Indoors)
Farmers Wife
Fish Curers Assistant (Monger)
Fitter (Eng)
Coachmans Daur
Domestic Servt
Domestic Servant
Cartman Unemployed
Carriage Painter (Coachmaker)
Capt Tug Boat (Seaman)
Brewers Labour
Bill Poster Employing 1 Man (Sticker)
At School
Assistant At Theatre Royal Ncastle (Theatre Serv)
Coach Painter
Coal Miner
Domestic Serv
Curate St Mary Boltons
Curate Of Bridekirk (Clergyman)
Corn Porter
Compositor Printer
Comm Trav Drapery
Coal Miner Wife