Boatswain in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Boatswain
Thomas Boatswain
Frederick Boatswain
Alan Boatswain
John Boatswain
William Boatswain
Horace Boatswain
Harry Boatswain
David Boatswain
Tom Boatswain
Henry Boatswain
Frank Boatswain
Charles Boatswain

Top female forenames

Sarah Boatswain
Mary Boatswain
Julia Boatswain
Gertrude Boatswain
Elizabeth Boatswain
Bessey Boatswain
Anne Boatswain
Alice Boatswain
Martha Boatswain
Jane Boatswain
Evelyn Boatswain
Edith Boatswain
Annie Boatswain
Amy Boatswain

Top occupations

Masons Lab
Market Gardnr & Fisherman
Ladys Companion (Dom)
Breeder Of Fishing Nets
Gen Laborer
Gen Lab Widow Parish Relief
Gen Lab & Fisherman
Farmers Wife
Farmers Widow
Farmer Of 315 Ac Employing 5 Men & 3 Boys
Farmer 326 Acres Land Employ 3 Men 2 Boys
Farmer 300 Acres Employ 7 Men And 2 Boys