Bode in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bode
William Bode
Joseph Bode
George Bode
James Bode
Henry Bode
Frederick Bode
Edwin Bode
Charles Bode
Harry Bode
Alfred Bode
Adolphe Bode
Thomas Bode
Ch. Bode
Isaac Bode
Albert Bode
Hermann Bode
A.W. Bode
Henrich Bode
Harold Bode
Francis Bode
Robert Bode
Egbert Bode
Hienrich Bode
Gerald Bode
Ferdinand Bode
Richard Bode

Top female forenames

Sarah Bode
Sophia Bode
Mary Bode
Annie Bode
Alice Bode
Elizabeth Bode
Caroline Bode
Emma Bode
Ellen Bode
Jane Bode
Edith Bode
Henrietta Bode
C.D. Bode
Maud Bode
Hannah Bode
Florence Bode
Ann Bode
M.S. Bode
Ethel Bode
Lizzie Bode
Lilla Bode
Sophie Bode
Elise Bode
Hester Bode
E. Bode
Pollie Bode
Helen Bode
Nellie Bode
Harriet Bode
Beatrice Bode
Matilda Bode
Gertrude Bode
Anna Bode
Margaret Bode
Eugenia Bode
Angelina Bode
Louisa Bode
Lilly Bode
Elizth.Ann Bode
Tilly Bode
John Bode
Eliza Bode
Ida Bode
Rebecca Bode
Cecil Bode
Oliva Bode
Harriett Bode

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Puddler In Ironworks
No Occupation
Insurance Clerk
Millman (Iron)
M.A. Oxford Tutor Unemployed (No Occ)
Law Student
Lady Housekeeper Dom
Income From Dividends
J P Landowner
Labourer At Steel Works
Musical Profesion
Shoe Makers Wife
Shoe Maker
Servant Domestic
School Girl
Retired Civil Service
Retail Brewer
Puddler In Ironworks Wife
Private Secretary
House Keeper (Dom)
Head Waiter Wife
Head Waiter In Club
Curate In Solecharge Of Greatford (M A Oxon)
Copper Spinner
Clergymans Daughter
Brewers Agent
Brass Tubecaster
Brass Polisher
Artist (Painter)
A Clerk
Curate Of Alderminster
Curates Wife
Gun Blocker
Governess Prof
General Servant
General Serv.
Gen Domestic Servant
French Polisher
Domestic Servt
Die Sinker