Bodily in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Phineas Bodily
Robert Bodily
Joseph Bodily
William Bodily
Edward Bodily
Thomas Bodily
Arthur Bodily
Albert Bodily
John Bodily
Henry Bodily
Charles Bodily
Frank Bodily
Dan Bodily
Louis Bodily
Herbt.W. Bodily
Frederick Bodily
Felix Bodily
Walter Bodily
Daniel Bodily
Percy Bodily
Alfred Bodily
James Bodily
Herbert Bodily
George Bodily

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Bodily
Mary Bodily
Eliza Bodily
Ann Bodily
Edith Bodily
Sarah Bodily
Charlotte Bodily
Nellie Bodily
Anne Bodily
Martha Bodily
Alice Bodily
Leah Bodily
Frances Bodily
Fanny Bodily
Ellen Bodily
Susannah Bodily
Clara Bodily
Rosetta Bodily
Annie Bodily
Maria Bodily
Hannah Bodily
Florance Bodily
Emily Bodily

Top occupations

Stone Mason
Ag Lab
Perpet Curate St Marks Victoria Docks
Plough Boy
Plumber & Painter
Pupil Teacher
Shoe Maker
Shoe Rivetter
Shoe Rivetter Wife
Masons Labour
Kitchen Maid
Agricultural Labour
Clerk Merchants
Collier In A Coal Mine
Counterman Hatter
Formerly Domestic Serv
Iron Worker A Puddler In Iron Works
Iron Worker A Puddler Of Iron In A Forge
Keeper Of Chambers (Office Kpr)
Wife Of Bricklayer