Bodkin in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bodkin
Thomas Bodkin
John Bodkin
James Bodkin
Henry Bodkin
Alfred Bodkin
Charles Bodkin
George Bodkin
Frederick Bodkin
Arthur Bodkin
Wm. Bodkin
Harry Bodkin
Samuel Bodkin
Richard Bodkin
Ernest Bodkin
Edward Bodkin
Patrick Bodkin
Stephen Bodkin
David Bodkin
Walter Bodkin
Chas. Bodkin
Benjamin Bodkin
Herb. Bodkin
Amos Bodkin
Albert Bodkin
Reginald Bodkin
Edwin Bodkin
Percival Bodkin
Duncan Bodkin
Mathew Bodkin
Joseph Bodkin
Willm. Bodkin
Augustus Bodkin
Archbd.Hen. Bodkin
Steven Bodkin
Graham Bodkin
Silas Bodkin
Fredk.Edwin. Bodkin
Percy Bodkin
Dominick Bodkin
Martha Bodkin

Top female forenames

Mary Bodkin
Sarah Bodkin
Eliza Bodkin
Emily Bodkin
Alice Bodkin
Emma Bodkin
Elizabeth Bodkin
Caroline Bodkin
Fanny Bodkin
Charlotte Bodkin
Esther Bodkin
Rose Bodkin
Edith Bodkin
Annie Bodkin
Ellen Bodkin
Harriet Bodkin
Ann Bodkin
Louisa Bodkin
Sophia Bodkin
Jane Bodkin
Frances Bodkin
Susan Bodkin
Amy Bodkin
Jessie Bodkin
Margaret Bodkin
Florence Bodkin
Bridget Bodkin
Mable Bodkin
Susannah Bodkin
Laura Bodkin
Elizth. Bodkin
Ada Bodkin
Kathrine Bodkin
Norah Bodkin
Kate Bodkin
Minnie Bodkin
Dora Bodkin
Mercey Bodkin
Hannah Bodkin
Charlte.Eliz. Bodkin
Maria Bodkin
Marann Bodkin
Lucy Bodkin
Lilian Bodkin
Agnes Bodkin
Katie Bodkin
Phillis Bodkin
Katherine Bodkin
Eleanor Bodkin
Nellie Bodkin

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Cotton Piecer (D)
Domestic Servant
No Occupation
Labourer General
Farm Serv
Brewers Labourer
Grocer Etc
Agr Labourer
Machine Printer
General Servant Dom
Farm Bailiff
Engine Cleaner (Ry)
Elastic Weaver
Writer And Glass Embosser
Hosiery Hand
Farm Servant
Formerly Carter
Formerly Clerk
Frame Tenter In Cotton Mill
Fruit Salesman
Grocers Assistant
General Domestic Out Of Place
General Labourer
General Serv (Domestic)
Cabinet Maker
Dairyman (Employ Of 5 Men)
Bricklayers Lab
Bailiff On Farm 300 Acres
Artist (Illuminating)
Agricultural Labourer
Ag Labourer
Cab Driver
Cotton Frame Tenter
Commercial Clerk (Unemployed)
Coal Porter
Coal Miner
Coach Painter
Cloth Cutter
Clerk In Holy Orders Chaplain & Assistant Master At Highgate Sch