Boid in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Boid
Joshua Boid
William Boid
Henry Boid
Alfred Boid
Walter Boid
Thomas Boid
Owen Boid
John Boid
Arthur Boid
Aaron Boid
Vincent Boid
Richard Boid
Lewis Boid
Joseph Boid
Frederick Boid

Top female forenames

Annie Boid
Emma Boid
Ann Boid
Sarah Boid
Mary Boid
Kate Boid
Henrietta Boid
Ethel Boid
Christina Boid
Sophia Boid
Alice Boid
Olive Boid
Martha Boid
Jane Boid
Harriot Boid
Esther Boid
Ellen Boid
Charlotte Boid

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Banksman To Coal Mine
Domestic Ser
Trammer (CM)
Pit Boy (C M)
General Labr
Drapers Assistant
Ag Lab
Butcher & Shoemaker
Bricklayers Lab
Wife Of Butcher & Shoemaker