Boileau in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Boileau
Charles Boileau
George Boileau
Francis Boileau
Etienne Boileau
Claud Boileau
C.C. Boileau
William Boileau
Raymond Boileau
H.W. Boileau
Frederick Boileau
Ferdinand Boileau
Edmond Boileau
Rupert Boileau
Neil Boileau
J. Boileau

Top female forenames

Alice Boileau
Mary Boileau
Maria Boileau
Lucy Boileau
Susanna Boileau
Clarice Boileau
Muriel Boileau
Bertha Boileau
Ann Boileau
Madelaine Boileau
Ag. Boileau
Lilla Boileau
Ada Boileau
Jane Boileau
Fanny Boileau
Elizth. Boileau
Violet Boileau
Eileen Boileau
Sarah Boileau
Blanche Boileau
Maud Boileau
Anna Boileau
Adelina Boileau
Kate Boileau
Grace Boileau
Ethel Boileau
Elizabeth Boileau

Top occupations

No Occupation
Preparing Pupil For Army Sandhurst
Retired Commander R N
Retired Major Of Arms
Surgeon Major On Full Pay Army Med Dept
Wife Of Retired Commander R N
Major General Retired
Maj Gen RE Bengal
Army Student
Baronet Magistrate Dep Lieut For Norfolk Major 3 Norfolk
Engineer (Civil)
Gen Dealer
Genl Wife
Interest Of Money
Lieut Etc Retired (Army Officer)
Wife Of Retired Major Of Arms