Bois in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Bois
William Bois
John Bois
Peter Bois
Charles Bois
Francis Bois
E. Bois
Wm. Bois
Alfred Bois
James Bois
Herbert Bois
Gordon Bois
Frederic Bois
Edgar Bois
Winston Bois
Walter Bois
Isaac Bois
Henry Bois

Top female forenames

Ada Bois
Sarah Bois
Frances Bois
Elsie Bois
E. Bois
Annie Bois
Winifred Bois
Stanley Bois
Melanie Bois
Marie Bois
Jane Bois
Fanny Bois
Edith Bois
Beatrice Bois
Anne Bois
Virginie Bois
Mary Bois
Louise Bois

Top occupations

Retired Merchant
Comml Clerk
Secy To Comml Co (Clerk)
Ship Smith Ironmonger Master Employing 3 Men And 1 Boy
Ships Steward
Soldier Private
Nurse (Dom)
Merchants Wife Head Of The House Absent
Bank Cashier
Clerk In American Merchants Off
Clerk To Ship Broker
Farmer (9 Acres)
Farmer Employing 1 Labourer
Farmer Of 8 Acres
Farmers Wife
Merchant Shanghai
Tea & Coffee Merchants Wife