Bolas in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bolas
Thomas Bolas
John Bolas
George Bolas
Alfred Bolas
Henry Bolas
Wm. Bolas
Charles Bolas
Samuel Bolas
Richard Bolas
Arthur Bolas
Isaac Bolas
Isaih Bolas
Frederick Bolas
Wiliam Bolas
Enos Bolas
Edwin Bolas
Daniel Bolas
Joseph Bolas
James Bolas
Albert Bolas
Harriet Bolas
Geo. Bolas
Fred. Bolas
Elijah Bolas
Richd. Bolas
Edward Bolas
Leonard Bolas

Top female forenames

Sarah Bolas
Mary Bolas
Elizabeth Bolas
Ann Bolas
Harriet Bolas
Martha Bolas
Jane Bolas
Emma Bolas
Lucy Bolas
Eliza Bolas
Annie Bolas
Emily Bolas
Kezia Bolas
Edith Bolas
Jemima Bolas
Eleanor Bolas
Amelia Bolas
Hannah Bolas
Alice Bolas
Fanney Bolas
Maria Bolas
Elizth. Bolas
Isabella Bolas
Sophia Bolas
Allice Bolas
Florence Bolas
Agnes Bolas
Rebecca Bolas
Esther Bolas
Margaret Bolas
Louisa Bolas
Justina Bolas
Caroline Bolas
Anne Bolas
Thomas Bolas
Hester Bolas
Selena Bolas
Salena Bolas

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Domestic Serv
Pupil Teacher
Pearl Finisher
Iron Worker
Indoor Farm Serv
Grocer And Post Office Clerk
Labourer in Coal Mine
Green Grocers Shop
General Servant
General Serv Domestic
Gen Serv Dom
Puddler In Ironworks
Labourer (General)
Office Boy
Mercantile Clerk
London City Missionary
Labr At Works (Iron)
Private School Mistress
Gen Serv
Gardener (Domestic)
Coach Painter
Clerk Brewery
Chemists Assistant
Chemist & Regd Dentist
Charwoman (Pauper)
Button Maker
Brewers Clerk
Boot Maker
Assistant Grocer
Coal Banksman
Coal Mine Labourer
Coal Miner Daur
Fitter (& T)
Engine Fitter
Engine Driver Limestone Works
Engine Cleaner At Iron Works
Dress Maker
Dramer in Coal Pit
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv Cook
Dom Serv