Bolling in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Bolling
William Bolling
George Bolling
Thomas Bolling
Harry Bolling
Francis Bolling
Edward Bolling
Charles Bolling
Walter Bolling
James Bolling
Arthur Bolling
Usear Bolling
Reginald Bolling
John Bolling
Frank Bolling
Ephraim Bolling
Martin Bolling
Frederick Bolling

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Bolling
Mary Bolling
Florence Bolling
Sarah Bolling
Ellen Bolling
Maria Bolling
Eliza Bolling
Emma Bolling
Lucy Bolling
Amy Bolling
Lavina Bolling
Ada Bolling
Julia Bolling
Jane Bolling
Harriet Bolling
Fanny Bolling
Patranalo Bolling
Lizzie Bolling
Alice Bolling
Laura Bolling
Jessie Bolling
Henrietta Bolling
Frances Bolling
Thirza Bolling
Fany Bolling
Rosemond Bolling

Top occupations

Farmers Son
(Workhouse) Formerly Carpenter
Housemaid Domestic Servant
Hand & Chairman (Wheel)
Hair Dresser
Groom Domestic Serv
Groom Domestic
Governess School
Iron Mcht
Jobbing Labourer (Gen Lab)
Labourers Wife
Nurse (Submed)
Piecer Factory
Retired Confectioner
Servant Indoor
Governess (Prof)
Governess (Pri)
Ag Lab (Farm Serv)
Baker & Confectioner
Bakers Shop Assistant
Bank Clerk
Coachman Dom Serv
Day Gardener
Engine Driver
Engine Machinist (E M)
Farmer 131 Acres Employing 1 Labourer
Farming 140 Acres
General Labourer
General Servant (Domestic)
General Servant Domestic
Vicar Of Lever Bridge St Stephens And All Marters