Bolster in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bolster
George Bolster
Thomas Bolster
John Bolster
James Bolster
Philip Bolster
Joseph Bolster
Edward Bolster
Christopher Bolster
Archibald Bolster
Albert Bolster
Reginald Bolster
Morley Bolster
Henery Bolster
Edgar Bolster
Arthur Bolster
Alfred Bolster
Harry Bolster

Top female forenames

Martha Bolster
Sarah Bolster
Elizabeth Bolster
Ann Bolster
Mary Bolster
Eleanor Bolster
Marion Bolster
Caroline Bolster
Maria Bolster
Louisa Bolster
Ada Bolster
Landivina Bolster
Jane Bolster
Henrietta Bolster
Hannah Bolster
Elizth. Bolster
Burtie Bolster
Mabel Bolster
Alice Bolster
Laura Bolster
Julia Bolster
Isabella Bolster
Helen Bolster
Selina Bolster
Ellen Bolster
Rosetta Bolster

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Staff Surgeon
Ladies Maid Unemployed
Loco Engine Driver
Painters Wife
Plumber (M Rail)
Porter (Rly)
Private Soldier
Railway Canvasser (News Agent)
Relieving Officer
Straw Sower (Mill)
Surg G M D
Surgeon Major M.D.2 V.H.L.R.C.S.(Med Dr) (Army Med) (A S) ((...))
Kitchenmaid Serv
Journeyman Housepainter
Bonnet Maker (Millr)
Boy Under Training
Errand Boy
Farm Laborer(In Charge)
Farm Labourer
Farm Servant
Farmer Of 43 Acres Employing 1 Lab And 1 Boy
Farmers Wife
Fireman (Rly)
Gen Serv
General Laborer
General Serv