Bolus in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bolus
George Bolus
William Bolus
Edward Bolus
Charles Bolus
Alfred Bolus
James Bolus
Henry Bolus
Joseph Bolus
Walter Bolus
Arthur Bolus
Thomas Bolus
Samuel Bolus
Percy Bolus
Heney Bolus
Frederick Bolus
Richard Bolus
David Bolus
Maria Bolus
Benjamin Bolus
Andrew Bolus
Albert Bolus
Henery Bolus
Sydney Bolus
Ernest Bolus
Joel Bolus
Herbert Bolus
Harry Bolus
Sidney Bolus
Edwin Bolus

Top female forenames

Mary Bolus
Elizabeth Bolus
Sarah Bolus
Anne Bolus
Hannah Bolus
Edith Bolus
Emma Bolus
Ann Bolus
Florence Bolus
Phoebe Bolus
Emily Bolus
Martha Bolus
Eliza Bolus
Jannet Bolus
Harriett Bolus
Amelia Bolus
Georgina Bolus
Ada Bolus
Susan Bolus
Fanny Bolus
Rosa Bolus
Elsie Bolus
Maria Bolus
Lillian Bolus
Eleanor Bolus
Julia Bolus
Clara Bolus
Jane Bolus
Agusta Bolus
Susanna Bolus
Ernance Bolus
Ellen Bolus
Llian Bolus
Kate Bolus

Top occupations

File Cutter
Errand Boy
Domestic Servant
Ag Lab
Coal Dealer
(Ground & House Landlord)
House Agent
Headmaster Of Board School
Grocers Assistant
House Maid Dom Serv
Passenger Guard (Rlwy)
Iron Fitter
Key Machinest
Metal Roller
Manager Wife
Manager Son
Manager Of Iron Works
No Occupation
Landscape Artist (Painter)
Laboratory Assistant
Packing Case Maker (Card)
Gen Serv Dom
Furnace Man
Coal Miner
Coachman Serv
Cashier (Agricultural Engineer)
Button Stamper
Army Pensioner
Warehouseman In Metal Works
Commercial Clerk In Lamp Manufactury
Cotton Warper
Domestic Duties
French Polisher
Forge Man Plater (Iron)
Forge Boy
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Serv (Out Of Employ)
Electro Plate Finisher
Edgetool Worker
Edge Tool Maker