Bonsall in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bonsall
George Bonsall
William Bonsall
Thomas Bonsall
Joseph Bonsall
Henry Bonsall
James Bonsall
Richard Bonsall
Arthur Bonsall
Samuel Bonsall
Frederick Bonsall
Isaac Bonsall
Benjamin Bonsall
Matthew Bonsall
Alfred Bonsall
Edward Bonsall
Walter Bonsall
Robert Bonsall
Peter Bonsall
Charles Bonsall
Wm. Bonsall
Francis Bonsall
Saml. Bonsall
Enoch Bonsall
Edwin Bonsall
David Bonsall
Fred Bonsall
Ferdinand Bonsall
Erastus Bonsall
Jesse Bonsall
Herbert Bonsall
Earnest Bonsall
Christopher Bonsall
Chad Bonsall
Joshua Bonsall
Johnathan Bonsall
Ernest Bonsall
Joe Bonsall
Edmond Bonsall
Phillip Bonsall
H.E. Bonsall
Clifford Bonsall
Nahum Bonsall
Geo. Bonsall
Mathew Bonsall
Tread Bonsall
Bingley Bonsall
Sam Bonsall
Agnes Bonsall
Ellis Bonsall

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Bonsall
Mary Bonsall
Hannah Bonsall
Sarah Bonsall
Emma Bonsall
Ann Bonsall
Eliza Bonsall
Jane Bonsall
Annie Bonsall
Louisa Bonsall
Margaret Bonsall
Martha Bonsall
Anne Bonsall
Agnes Bonsall
Emily Bonsall
Isabella Bonsall
Harriet Bonsall
Ada Bonsall
Bertha Bonsall
Amy Bonsall
Dorothy Bonsall
Alice Bonsall
Pheobe Bonsall
Caroline Bonsall
Fanny Bonsall
Betsey Bonsall
Ellen Bonsall
M.S.B. Bonsall
Rosa Bonsall
Elenor Bonsall
Lucy Bonsall
Amelia Bonsall
Gertrude Bonsall
Rachel Bonsall
Clara Bonsall
Lizzie Bonsall
Alethea Bonsall
Frances Bonsall
Phoebe Bonsall
Catharine Bonsall
Laura Bonsall
Florance Bonsall
Nelly Bonsall
C. Bonsall
Kate Bonsall
F. Bonsall
Mather Bonsall
Betsy Bonsall
Johanna Bonsall
Emm Bonsall

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Farmers Daur
Lace Maker
Coal Miner Wife
General Labourer
Lead Miner
Landowners Daur
Lace Mender
Small Dividend
Landowners Son
Tinker & Brazier
General Lab
Farmer Of 60 Acres
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Licensed Victualler
Private School Music Teacher
Engine Tenter At Lead Mine
Daur Scholar
Timber Merchant
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servant Sleeping At Home
Drayman Wife
Farmers Wife
Framework Knitter
Farmer Wife
General Servant
Son Assist On Land &
Beerhouse Keeper
Agr Labr
Bolt Maker
Drapers Salesman Hometrade
Colliery Laborer
Cigar Maker
Wood Turner
Coal Leader (Carter)
Ag Lab Wife
Clerk At Ironworks