Bonwell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Bonwell
John Bonwell
Charles Bonwell
William Bonwell
George Bonwell
Robert Bonwell
Henry Bonwell
Frederick Bonwell
Ernest Bonwell
Walter Bonwell
Sydney Bonwell
Miles Bonwell
Forman Bonwell
Will Bonwell
Timothy Bonwell

Top female forenames

Emily Bonwell
Beatrice Bonwell
Albertina Bonwell
Margaret Bonwell
Jane Bonwell
Eliza Bonwell
Annie Bonwell
Mary Bonwell
Maria Bonwell
Jenney Bonwell
Isabella Bonwell
Elizabeth Bonwell
Sarah Bonwell
Martha Bonwell

Top occupations

Stone Mason
Recorder Following no Profession at Present (Barrister)
Recorders Wife
Recruiting Sargent (Soldier)
Ships Steward
Stonemason & Farmer Of 24 Acres
Stonemason & Farmer Of 24 Acres Wife
Mason Wife
Mason Daur
Commercial Clerk
Dom Groom And Gardener
Domestic Servant
Farmers Servant (Agr)
Gardener (Indoor)
General Serv Domestic
Housemaid (Indoor)
In Pensioner
Labourer Gas Works
Weaver At Worsted Mill