Bool in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bool
George Bool
Charles Bool
Henry Bool
Frederick Bool
Thomas Bool
Alfred Bool
Albert Bool
Francis Bool
Frank Bool
James Bool
William Bool
Sidney Bool
Samuel Bool
Ernest Bool
Fredrek Bool
Fred Bool
Sevine Bool
Robert Bool
Enoch Bool
Oliver Bool
Edward Bool
Jane Bool
Jacob Bool
Arthur Bool
Harry Bool
Willie Bool
Geo. Bool
Walter Bool
Richard Bool
Edwin Bool
Ebenezer Bool
Benjamin Bool
Andrew Bool

Top female forenames

Sarah Bool
Elizabeth Bool
Mary Bool
Martha Bool
Annie Bool
Emily Bool
Ann Bool
Emma Bool
Jane Bool
Ellen Bool
Fanny Bool
Margaret Bool
Louisa Bool
Edith Bool
Ada Bool
Dorcas Bool
Harriet Bool
Charlotte Bool
Mercy Bool
Grace Bool
Blanche Bool
Assearath Bool
Esther Bool
Mabel Bool
Alice Bool
Lilly Bool
Eliza Bool
Adelaid Bool
Jemima Bool
Susan Bool
Henrietta Bool
Debrah Bool
Rosina Bool
Hannah Bool
Caroline Bool
Gertrude Bool
Betssy Bool
Maria Bool
Eugenie Bool
Asenath Bool
Marey Bool
Anna Bool
Lucy Bool
Emely Bool
Amelia Bool
Lottie Bool
Agnes Bool
Kate Bool
Elisabeth Bool

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Iron Plate Worker
At School
Farm Labourer
Glover Pointer
Plumber (Emp 1 Man)
Architectural Modeller
Interest Of Money
Insurance Agent
House Decorator
Groom (Dom)
Artist Portrait Painter
Glover Crosspointer
Labourer (Ag)
Ladies Maid
Living On Rent Of Cottages & Land
Manager Stone Merchant Works
Mason (Pauper)
Mason Stone
Music Seller & Pianoforte Tuner Master Working
Painter (Master Employing 2 Men)
Painter And Paper Hanger
Freestone Mason
General Servant Domestic
Dress Maker
Draper & Grocer Assistant
Domestic Servt (Out Of Employ)
Domestic Serv
Domc Servant
Cowman (Ag)
Cowkeeper (Milkseller)
Commercial Traveller
Boot Machinist
Farmer 25 Acres Employing 2 Labourers
General Serv (Domestic)
Gardeners Wife
Gardener (Unemployed)
Gardener (D)
Beer Seller
Framework Knitter
Formerly Laundress
Foreman Builder