Boole in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Boole
George Boole
Walter Boole
Robert Boole
Henry Boole
William Boole
Arthur Boole
James Boole
Thomas Boole
Samuel Boole
Reginald Boole
Fredk. Boole
Frank Boole
Christopher Boole
Benjamin Boole
Robt. Boole
Richard Boole
Herbert Boole
Fred Boole
Ernest Boole
Charlie Boole

Top female forenames

Mary Boole
Ellen Boole
Elizabeth Boole
Emily Boole
Maria Boole
Annie Boole
Selina Boole
Sarah Boole
Julia Boole
Ethel Boole
Priscilla Boole
Eliza. Boole
Martha Boole
Clara Boole
Margaret Boole
Ann Boole
Louisa Boole
Alicia Boole
Letitia Boole
Agnes Boole
Georgiana Boole
Fanny Boole
Eliza Boole
Lucy Boole
Amelia Boole
Lettia Boole
Alice Boole
Ada Boole
Frances Boole

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Railway Laborer
Engine Pattern Maker (E&M)
Mining Engineer
Plumber 2 Men 1 App
Plumber & Gas Fitter
Lodging House Keeper
Packing Case Maker
Owner Of Houses
Magistrate & Farmer 44 Ac Employing 5 Labourers
Moulder (Iron)
Overlooker At Mill (Cotton)
Trained Nurse (Sins)
Teacher Of Music
Shoe Machinist
Schoolmaster & Organist
School Boy
Plumbers Wife
Retired Schoolmaster
Railway Porter
Postmaster (C S Off)
Living On Income
Commercial Clerk To Wine Merchant
Coach Painters Wife
Coach Painter
Civil Service Pensioner ((Annuitant))
Butchers Man
Brass Bob Winder (Lace)
Art Student (Painting)
Cotton Winder
Domestic Serv
Formerly Silk Weaveress
Groom (D)
Grocer & Draper
Gen Labourer
Gen Lab
Gasfitter (Foreman)
Gardener (Dom)
Frame W Knitter