Boom in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Boom
William Boom
James Boom
Edward Boom
Thomas Boom
Henry Boom
Alfred Boom
Edwin Boom
Walter Boom
Arthur Boom
George Boom
Ernest Boom
Ustace Boom
Aurther Boom
Samuel Boom
Jousha Boom
Aaron Boom
Jacob Boom
Frederick Boom
Wm.Hy. Boom
Bernard Boom
Leonard Boom
Abraham Boom
Joseph Boom
Howard Boom

Top female forenames

Eliza Boom
Caroline Boom
Sarah Boom
Mary Boom
Elizabeth Boom
Martha Boom
Emma Boom
Louisa Boom
Amelia Boom
Ester Boom
Emily Boom
Mabel Boom
Lizzie Boom
Jessie Boom
Ann Boom
Isabella Boom
Albina Boom
Susannah Boom
Hannah Boom
Rebecca Boom
Gertrude Boom
Phoebe Boom
Florence Boom
Margaret Boom
Eleanore Boom
Lillian Boom
Blanche Boom
Jane Boom
Thirza Boom
Harrison Boom
Grace Boom
Priscilla Boom
Florrie Boom
Maud Boom

Top occupations

Dom Servt
Flax Mill Hand
Ag Lab
Labourer in Iron Works
Nurse Maid Dom
Insurance Clerk
No Occupation
Monthly Nurse
Machine Smith
Labourer Raily Compt
Mariners Wife
Police Constable
Traveller (Com)
Shoe Maker
School Mistress
Retired Publican
Railway Ticket Sorter
Housekeeper (Dom)
County Court Bailiff
Clerk Accountant To Scientific Society
Carpenter (Factory)
Brass Founder
Asst Manager Insurance Co
Ag Natl Delegates Wife
Drapers Porter
Excavator Railway
Horse Keeper
Halfway Policeman
Grocer Errand Boy
Genrl Agent
General Serv (Domestic)
General Labourer
General Laborer
Flax Mill Labourer
3rd Class Clerk M A A G P O