Boomer in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Boomer
George Boomer
William Boomer
James Boomer
Charles Boomer
Robert Boomer
Alexander Boomer
Thomas Boomer
Benjamin Boomer
Alfred Boomer
Arthur Boomer
Harold Boomer
David Boomer

Top female forenames

Jane Boomer
Mary Boomer
Elizabeth Boomer
Matilda Boomer
Amelia Boomer
Martha Boomer
Margaret Boomer
Sarah Boomer
Annie Boomer
Agnes Boomer
Lucy Boomer
Ruth Boomer
Bridget Boomer
Lillian Boomer
Isabella Boomer
Eva Boomer
Emley Boomer
Edith Boomer
Rebecca Boomer
Marian Boomer
Frances Boomer
Emma Boomer
Virginia Boomer

Top occupations

Cotton Piecer
Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Artificial Florist
Horse Shoer
Horse Shoe Farrier
Goods Guard (Ry)
Machine Roller Maker (E & M)
Mat Maker
Moulder Iron
Ship Caulker
Small Ware Hawker
Stone Mason
Striker (Iron)
Gen Serv
Formerly Laundress
Farmers Wife
Baker (Master Employg One Boy)
Brass Finisher
Bricklayers Labr
Certificated Master (School)
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Spinner (Manuf)
Eng Fitter Machinist
Engine Fitter
Engineers Commercial Clerk
Factory Optive F H (T)
Farmer Of 490 Acres Employ 12 Labs
Farmers Daur