Boord in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Edward Boord
Harry Boord
Fredk. Boord
Alexander Boord
Wm. Boord
Thos. Boord
Samuel Boord
Oscar Boord
George Boord
Francis Boord
Charles Boord
Willm. Boord
Thomas Boord
Peter Boord

Top female forenames

Mary Boord
Florence Boord
Eva Boord
Emily Boord
Alice Boord
Mabel Boord
Hilda Boord
Frances Boord
Evelyn Boord
Ethel Boord
Eliza Boord
Rose Boord
Margaret Boord
Louisa Boord
Hester Boord

Top occupations

No Occupation
Private Income
Retired From Colonial Service
Member Of Parliament Distiller
Housemaid Domestic
File Cutter (Maker)
Collar Dresser (Washing)
Collar Dresser (Shirt)
Club Manager
Buss Conductor
Able Seaman