Border in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Border
William Border
James Border
Richard Border
Henry Border
George Border
Charles Border
Thomas Border
Alfred Border
Albert Border
Frederick Border
Samuel Border
Edwin Border
Robert Border
Joseph Border
Hewson Border
Christf. Border
Luke Border
Araham Border
Thos. Border
Harry Border
Sydney Border
Robinson Border
Edward Border
David Border
Mark Border
Chris Border
Leonard Border
Arthur Border
Andrew Border
J. Border
Alexander Border
Edmund Border
Ralph Border

Top female forenames

Mary Border
Elizabeth Border
Ann Border
Alice Border
Ellen Border
Jane Border
Sarah Border
Charlotte Border
Emma Border
Ada Border
Fanny Border
Minnie Border
Eliza Border
Lavinia Border
Clara Border
Annie Border
Emily Border
Mabel Border
Edith Border
Selina Border
Harriett Border
Betsey Border
Rose Border
Hannah Border
Anne Border
Fanney Border
Martha Border
Margaret Border
M. Border
Elizbth. Border
Lizzie Border
Sophia Border
Caroline Border
Harriet Border
Rebecca Border
Evelena Border
Agnes Border
Marguerite Border
Elizh. Border
Lucy Border
Lillian Border
Julia Border

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Farmer Wife
Coal Miner
Operative Cotton
Engine Fitters Daur
School Teacher
Farmers Daur
Farmers Daughter
Shopman Ironmonger
Grocer Assistant
Warehouse Boy
Bankers Clerk
Brush Maker
Carpenter At Colliery
Farmer Of 72 Acres
Farmer Of Ten Acres
Farmer Son
Artist In Lace
Agricultural Machinist (IOF)
Farmer Of 68 Acres
Wool Weaver
Farmers Son Wife
Farmers Wife
Fire Brigade Man
Ag Servant
Farmer Of 59 Acres Employing 1 Labour & 2 Servants
Farmer Of 31 Acres
Domestic Cook
Dress Maker
Engine Fitter Keyham Yard
Bootmaker Ironmonger Employ 4 Men
Engine Fitters Wife
Errand Boy
Farmer 50 Acres
Cocoa Nut Mat Maker
Cocoa Nut Mat Weaver
Farmer Of 30 Acres