Borrow in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Borrow
William Borrow
John Borrow
James Borrow
Thomas Borrow
Charles Borrow
Frederick Borrow
Henry Borrow
Alfred Borrow
Wm. Borrow
Walter Borrow
Harry Borrow
Robert Borrow
Frank Borrow
Herbert Borrow
Albert Borrow
Richard Borrow
Nicholas Borrow
Cornelius Borrow
Isaac Borrow
Arthur Borrow
Sidney Borrow
Ernest Borrow
Newton Borrow
Edward Borrow
Joe Borrow
David Borrow
J. Borrow
Wm.Edward Borrow
Hugh Borrow
Alice Borrow
Alexander Borrow
Thos.Boreham Borrow
Harold Borrow
Sydney Borrow
Geo. Borrow
Edwd. Borrow
Earnest Borrow

Top female forenames

Mary Borrow
Elizabeth Borrow
Alice Borrow
Sarah Borrow
Eliza Borrow
Ellen Borrow
Annie Borrow
Jane Borrow
Hannah Borrow
Emma Borrow
Ann Borrow
Kate Borrow
Louisa Borrow
Ada Borrow
Elizth. Borrow
Susan Borrow
Amy Borrow
Isabella Borrow
Catherine Borrow
Florence Borrow
Minnie Borrow
Margaret Borrow
Anne Borrow
Laura Borrow
Rosina Borrow
Jessie Borrow
Eleanor Borrow
Rhoda Borrow
Dorcas Borrow
Maude Borrow
Harriett Borrow
Charlotte Borrow
Martha Borrow
Maria Borrow
Beatrice Borrow
Margart Borrow
Fanney Borrow
Lydia Borrow
Tamar Borrow
Lolerk Borrow
Amelia Borrow
Rose Borrow
Agnes Borrow
Edith Borrow
Isabel Borrow
Constance Borrow
Harriet Borrow
Celiste Borrow
Marie Borrow
Francis Borrow

Top occupations

Farmers Wife
School Boy
Farmers Dau
Son Scholar
Farmer & Mason
Farmer (Of 141 Acres Emp. 2 Men & 3 Boys)
Farmer (Of 243 Acres Emp 3 Lab & 2 Boys)
Drapers Assist
Clergyman Without Cure Of Souls
Farmer 146 Acres Employing 3 Men & 2 Women
Farmer (Of 290 Acres Emp. 3 Labs & 3 Boys)
Horse Keeper (8)
Governess (Teacher)
Gen Serv (Domestic)
Flax Mill Hand
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 500 Acres Empy 2 Men
Farmer Of 244 Acres
Farmer 650 Acres
Dau Scholar
Cooper & Agent Life Assurance
Butcher & Cattle Dealer
Brick Manufacturer
Book Keeper To Oilman
Block Printer
Artist Painting In Oils
Artificial Florist
Apprentice (Grocer)
Carters Boy
Cigar Maker
Confectioners Asst
Commerl Clerk
Coal Miners Wife
Coal Dealer
Coachman Wife
Coachman Domestic Serv
Civil Service Retired