Borrowman in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Borrowman
Alexander Borrowman
Robert Borrowman
Herbert Borrowman
Aymoor Borrowman
Abraham Borrowman
William Borrowman
Thomas Borrowman
Aymor Borrowman
Walter Borrowman

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Borrowman
Emma Borrowman
Mary Borrowman
Ellen Borrowman
Christina Borrowman
Annie Borrowman
... Borrowman
Rosamond Borrowman
Martha Borrowman
Maggie Borrowman
Catherine Borrowman
Anne Borrowman
Sarah Borrowman
Margaret Borrowman
Florence Borrowman

Top occupations

Police Constable
Nurse (S M S)
Lady Help Dom Serv
Iron Miner
Interest Of Money
Husband At Sea
House Painter
Grain Merchant
Dress Maker
Barristers Clerk