Borton in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Borton
Henry Borton
James Borton
Charles Borton
John Borton
George Borton
Thomas Borton
Frederick Borton
Edward Borton
Herbert Borton
Joseph Borton
Alfred Borton
Arthur Borton
Richard Borton
Albert Borton
Matthew Borton
Ernest Borton
Walter Borton
Hebden Borton
Allan Borton
Harold Borton
Alfd. Borton
Oliver Borton
Fredk.C. Borton
Frederic Borton
Joe Borton
Wm. Borton
Edmund Borton
Horace Borton
Anthony Borton
Richd. Borton
Harry Borton
Philip Borton
Hannah Borton
Neville Borton
Fredrick Borton
Lawrance Borton
Francis Borton
Jas. Borton
Willm. Borton
Jame Borton
Daniel Borton
Robert Borton

Top female forenames

Mary Borton
Sarah Borton
Elizabeth Borton
Alice Borton
Annie Borton
Ann Borton
Emma Borton
Emily Borton
Florence Borton
Eliza Borton
Louisa Borton
Frances Borton
Fanny Borton
Jane Borton
Harriet Borton
Susannah Borton
Constance Borton
Rosa Borton
Betsy Borton
Ellen Borton
Hannah Borton
Lucy Borton
Susan Borton
Clara Borton
Caroline Borton
Beatrice Borton
Emelie Borton
Anne Borton
Marion Borton
Lydia Borton
Agnes Borton
Gertrude Borton
Drusilla Borton
Sophia Borton
Lilly Borton
Charlotte Borton
Julia Borton
Esther Borton
Jessy Borton
Rebecca Borton
Maud Borton
Isabell Borton
Elizh. Borton
Martha Borton
Amelia Borton
Harriett Borton
Eliza. Borton
Margaret Borton
Albert Borton
Eleanor Borton

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Laborer Agricultr
Farm Labourer
Licensed Victualler
Farmers Daughter
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Coal Miner
Farmer 400 Acres Employ 7 Lab 6 Lads
Farmer 166 Acres Emp 6 Men 4 B
Wife Of Clergyman
Farmer 161 Acres Empl 6 Men & 1 Boy
Dep On Parish Agric Lab
Dom Cook
Farm Servant Indoor
Domestic Cook
Farm Serv Indoor
Dress Maker
Farm Laborer
Factors Clerk
Brewers Porter
Coal Merchant & Potter Emp 7 Men
Agric Lab
Agricultural Laborer Unemployed
Agricultural Labourer
Annuitant Of Almshouse
Artist In Glass
Assistant To Head (F...)
Barrister Not In Actual Practice
Bedding Manufacr (4 Men)
Boy 2nd Class
Butcher & Farmer Of 47 Acres Employing 2 Men
Cap 59 Reg
Cement Burner
Clergyman Without Cure Of Souls
Coachman (Dom)
Coachman (Funeral)(N.D)