Bosson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Bosson
John Bosson
James Bosson
William Bosson
Thomas Bosson
Arthur Bosson
Samuel Bosson
Alfred Bosson
Joseph Bosson
Charles Bosson
Richard Bosson
Henry Bosson
Frank Bosson
Enoch Bosson
Edwin Bosson
Harry Bosson
Edward Bosson
Horace Bosson
Chas. Bosson
Thurston Bosson
Benjamin Bosson
Harold Bosson
Robert Bosson
Fredr.Bailey Bosson
Albert Bosson
Peter Bosson
Fred. Bosson
Lowell Bosson
Jno. Bosson
Willie Bosson
Hy.Howard Bosson
David Bosson
Walter Bosson
Herbt. Bosson
Rowland Bosson
Alexander Bosson
Frederic Bosson
Noah Bosson
Fred Bosson
Julian Bosson
Ernest Bosson
Elijah Bosson
Wm. Bosson

Top female forenames

Mary Bosson
Sarah Bosson
Elizabeth Bosson
Hannah Bosson
Jane Bosson
Martha Bosson
Eliza Bosson
Emily Bosson
Annie Bosson
Emma Bosson
Ada Bosson
Minnie Bosson
Frances Bosson
Maria Bosson
Ann Bosson
Elizth. Bosson
Edith Bosson
Marie Bosson
Anna Bosson
Margt. Bosson
Emila Bosson
Amy Bosson
Lucey Bosson
Aigness Bosson
Julia Bosson
Elisabeth Bosson
Isabella Bosson
Dinnah Bosson
Rebecca Bosson
Comfort Bosson
Catherine Bosson
Maud Bosson
Evelin Bosson
Annies Bosson
Ethel Bosson
Anne Bosson
Lydia Bosson
Alice Bosson
Lizzie Bosson
Agnes Bosson
Harriet Bosson
Dinah Bosson
Priscilla Bosson
Francis Bosson
Clara Bosson
Millicent Bosson
Febby Bosson
Caroline Bosson
Evanglina Bosson

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Butchers Assistant
Ag Laborer
Engine Driver
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
General Labourer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Servant (In Door)
Errand Boy
Engine Tenter
Engine Stoker (Loco) (Rail)
Genl Serv
Genl Servant Domestic
General Serv
Farm Servant Indoors
General Domestic Servant
Gas Fitter
Gardr Domestic
General Servant
Foreman (Saddler)
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 18 Ac
Dress Maker
Drapers Porter
Domestic Servant Cook
Canal Lab Inland Nav
Butler (Dom)
Banksman (C Miner)
Bricklayer Lab
Brick Layer
Carpenter Unemployed
Domestic Cook
Dealer (G)
Cotton Weaver
Cook Domestic
Colliery Horse Driver
Colliery Engine Man
Coachman Domestic
Carter & Potato Dealer