Botley in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Botley
Henry Botley
John Botley
William Botley
Charles Botley
Alfred Botley
Richard Botley
James Botley
George Botley
Chas. Botley
Frederick Botley
Robert Botley
Walter Botley
Thos. Botley
Hezekiah Botley
Tom Botley
Ernest Botley
Philemon Botley
Edward Botley
Norman Botley
Isaac Botley
Aaron Botley
Wm. Botley
Herbert Botley
Harry Botley
Geo. Botley
Stamford Botley
Francis Botley
Edwd. Botley
Peter Botley
Joseph Botley
Benjamin Botley
Albert Botley

Top female forenames

Sarah Botley
Eliza Botley
Alice Botley
Jane Botley
Mary Botley
Eleanor Botley
Hannah Botley
Emily Botley
Helen Botley
Caroline Botley
Anne Botley
Ada Botley
Emma Botley
Elizabeth Botley
Fanny Botley
Lily Botley
Esther Botley
L.I. Botley
Julia Botley
S.J. Botley
Edith Botley
Patty Botley
Harriet Botley
Myra Botley
Hanh. Botley
Matilda Botley
Frances Botley
Martha Botley
Flora Botley
Lucy Botley
Ethal Botley
Lavinia Botley
Kate Botley
Rebecca Botley
Harriot Botley
Clara Botley
Olive Botley
Annie Botley
Minnie Botley
Grace Botley
Ann Botley
Florence Botley
Agnes Botley
Margaret Botley

Top occupations

Ag Labourer
Chain Maker
Ag Lab
Farm Laborer
Nurse Domestic
Agricultural Labourer
Basket Maker
General Servant
Grocers Assistant
Late Iron Moulder
Housemaid D S
Lace Maker
Income From Dividends
Labourers Wife
Locksmith & Gas Fitter
Nurserymans Foreman
Police Constable
Rabbit Catcher
Rabbit Catchers Son
Railway Chief Goods Clerk
Ship Smith
Gl Labourer
Genl Labr
Cotton Operative
Carver & Gilder
Capt Main Top
Butcher Wife
Builders Clerk
Domestic Duties
Engineer Of Gas Works Co.E.
Errand Boy
General Labr
Gardener Domestic Serv
Gardener (Dom)
Gamekeepers Wife
Game Keeper
Farm Labourer