Bouch in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bouch
William Bouch
Joseph Bouch
Thomas Bouch
James Bouch
George Bouch
Charles Bouch
Henry Bouch
Jonathan Bouch
Samuel Bouch
Alfred Bouch
Albert Bouch
Herbert Bouch
Frederick Bouch
Walter Bouch
Edwin Bouch
Jeffery Bouch
Christopher Bouch
Richard Bouch
Ernest Bouch
Edward Bouch
Douglas Bouch
Robert Bouch
Percival Bouch
Arthur Bouch
Matt. Bouch
Harry Bouch
Anthony Bouch
Lancelot Bouch
Alfd. Bouch
Frank Bouch
Vincent Bouch
Agrippa Bouch
Jonah Bouch
Duglas Bouch
Chas.Hy. Bouch
Percy Bouch
Isaac Bouch
Cephus Bouch
Oliver Bouch
Arnold Bouch
Luther Bouch
Kendall Bouch
Fred Bouch
Walisgriff Bouch
Thos. Bouch
Johnathan Bouch
Summers Bouch
Jeffrey Bouch
Jane Bouch

Top female forenames

Mary Bouch
Sarah Bouch
Jane Bouch
Elizabeth Bouch
Margaret Bouch
Ann Bouch
Annie Bouch
Martha Bouch
Hannah Bouch
Ellen Bouch
Eliza Bouch
Isabella Bouch
Alice Bouch
Margt. Bouch
Emily Bouch
Julia Bouch
Elizth. Bouch
May Bouch
Helen Bouch
Caroline Bouch
Emma Bouch
Anne Bouch
Harriet Bouch
Esther Bouch
Betsy Bouch
Rebecca Bouch
Janet Bouch
Elisabeth Bouch
Mary.A. Bouch
Elaine Bouch
Ada Bouch
Dorcas Bouch
Maria Bouch
Francis Bouch
Charlotte Bouch
Evelyn Bouch
Laura Bouch
Zoe Bouch
Betty Bouch
Julianah Bouch
Betsey Bouch
Janett Bouch
Elizh Bouch
Millie Bouch
Matilda Bouch
Amy Bouch
Henrietta Bouch
Eleanor Bouch
Adah Bouch
Edith Bouch

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Coal Miner
Grocers Assistant
Drapers Assistant
Farmers Son
Labourer (Mines) (Iron)
No Occupation
Brewers Clerk
General Servant
Assistant Dressmaker
Draper Employing 2 Men & 3 Boys
Farmer Of 400 Acres Employing 4 Labs And 1 Boy
Dress Maker
Farmer Of 280 Acres Employing 13 Lab & 3 Boys
Farmer & Innkeeper
Wine & Spirit Merchant
Engine Fitters Apprentice
Errand Boy
Domestic Servt
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Clerk To Bookmaker
Agricultural Labourer
App Joiner
Beerhouse Keeper
Biscuit Packer (Baker)
Blacksmith (Master)
Boot Maker
Boy Copyist (C S)
Coal Miner (Driver)
Coal Miner (Trapper)
Coal Miner Daur
Colliery Agent(Mine Servant)
Commercial Traveller
Commission Agent
Cook RMS
Cotton Dyer