Bouker in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bouker
Thomas Bouker
Henry Bouker
James Bouker
Joseph Bouker
Herbert Bouker
Harry Bouker
Arthur Bouker
(Mr) Bouker
Joe Bouker
Jacob Bouker
George Bouker
Alexander Bouker
Nathaniel Bouker
John Bouker

Top female forenames

Ann Bouker
Sarah Bouker
Mary Bouker
Emma Bouker
Eliza Bouker
(Mrs) Bouker
Priscilla Bouker
Lucy Bouker
Esther Bouker
Elizabeth Bouker
Annie Bouker
Alice Bouker
Rachael Bouker
Polly Bouker
Martha Bouker
Harriet Bouker

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Coal Miner
Worsted Carpet Weaver
Labr In Colliery
Leather Dresser
Mechanic (Son)
Parlourmaid Domestic
Worsted Carpet Weaver Wife
Worsted Ke Doubler
Hurried Information Could Not Be Obtained
House Keeper
Chair Maker
Coal Miners Wife
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Warper
Fireman (Out Of Employ)
General Lab
General Servant (F Ag Lab)
Worsted Ke Doubler (C)