Boulding in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Charles Boulding
John Boulding
William Boulding
George Boulding
Frank Boulding
James Boulding
Henry Boulding
Thomas Boulding
Arthur Boulding
Samuel Boulding
Frederick Boulding
Robert Boulding
Herbert Boulding
Harry Boulding
Edwin Boulding
Edward Boulding
Thos. Boulding
Stephen Boulding
Wm. Boulding
Ernest Boulding
Joseph Boulding
Walter Boulding
Edmund Boulding
Sydney Boulding
Alfred Boulding
Davied Boulding
Talbot Boulding
Bright Boulding
Sidney Boulding
Geo. Boulding
Albert Boulding
Sampson Boulding
Lewis Boulding
Willoughby Boulding
Edwd. Boulding
Jesse Boulding
Benjamin Boulding
Stanley Boulding
Geo.R. Boulding
Fredk. Boulding
Robt. Boulding
Fred Boulding
Norman Boulding
Francis Boulding
Winselt Boulding
Laurence Boulding

Top female forenames

Mary Boulding
Elizabeth Boulding
Jane Boulding
Sarah Boulding
Emily Boulding
Ellen Boulding
Alice Boulding
Annie Boulding
Eliza Boulding
Clara Boulding
Martha Boulding
Emma Boulding
Ada Boulding
Kate Boulding
Harriett Boulding
Lydia Boulding
Hannah Boulding
Edith Boulding
Louisa Boulding
Agnes Boulding
Gertrude Boulding
Charlotte Boulding
Catherine Boulding
Maria Boulding
Rose Boulding
Priscilla Boulding
Fanny Boulding
Margaret Boulding
Ann Boulding
Sar. Boulding
Allas Boulding
Rosa Boulding
Polly Boulding
Christina Boulding
Lilly Boulding
Frances Boulding
Myriam Boulding
Lavinia Boulding
Flora Boulding
Mercy Boulding
Kezia Boulding
Eva Boulding
Marther Boulding
Caroline Boulding
Esther Boulding
Beatrice Boulding
Susan Boulding
Margeret Boulding
Anna Boulding
Hester Boulding

Top occupations

File Cutter
Farm Serv
Butcher & Cattle Salesman Daughter
General Labourer Son
File Forger
Butcher & Cattle Salesman Son
Coal Miner
Farm Labourer
Spring Knife Cutler
Silver Burnisher
Labourers Daughter
Pianoforte Tuner
Farm Waggoner (Ag)
Dress Maker
Engine Fitter
Engine Fitter At Works
Engineers Clerk
Farm Bailiff
Farmer Wife
Farmer Serv
Farmer & Grazer
Farm Servant
File Forger Wife
Auctioneers Assistant
Butcher & Cattle Salesman Employing One Man
Bootmakers Assistant
Butcher & Cattle Salesman Wife
Butcher Master
Waggoner (Ag Lab)
Checker Of Parcels (Railway)
Coachman Domestic Servt
Comber Tenter Cotton
Commercial Clerk
Cook Dom Serv
Cook Domestic Servant
Cook Not Dom
Cotton Winder
Dealer In Musical Instruments