Boulger in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Boulger
William Boulger
James Boulger
Patrick Boulger
Richard Boulger
Michael Boulger
Thomas Boulger
Edward Boulger
David Boulger
Percy Boulger
Brian Boulger
Moses Boulger
Archibald Boulger
Joseph Boulger
Henry Boulger
Walter Boulger
George Boulger
Thos. Boulger
Francis Boulger
Stephen Boulger
Demetrius Boulger
Philip Boulger
Charles Boulger
Arthur Boulger
Jacob Boulger
Harry Boulger
W. Boulger
Frederick Boulger

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Boulger
Mary Boulger
Sarah Boulger
Alice Boulger
Catherine Boulger
Margaret Boulger
Hannah Boulger
Margeret Boulger
Ann Boulger
Lucy Boulger
Kate Boulger
Jemmima Boulger
Anna Boulger
Teresa Boulger
Jane Boulger
Amanda Boulger
Rebecca Boulger
Helen Boulger
Ada Boulger
Parthena Boulger
Flora Boulger
Ellen Boulger
M. Boulger
Lizzie Boulger
Dora Boulger
Julia Boulger
Annie Boulger
Janet Boulger
Isabella Boulger
Rachel Boulger
Harriett Boulger
Maud Boulger
Frances Boulger
Maria Boulger
Emily Boulger
Elizabth. Boulger
Eleanor Boulger

Top occupations

Paper Sorter
Clerk In Insurance Office
Office Boy (Mess)
Paper Cutter (Manuf)
Nail Maker
Paper Maker
Mariners Wife
Photographers Agent
Worsted Twister
Timber Measurer Present Employment Portering
Surgeon Dentist
School Mistress
Sch Mis Professor
Prof Of Geology Botany & Novelist Author
Private Tutor
Literary Pursuits & History Politics
Genrl Lab
Cook (Domestic)
Coal Miner
Coachman & Groom
Clerks Wife
Anvil Striker
Cigar Maker
Butler Domestic Serv
Boot Finisher
Barrister & Journalist
Cook Dom Serv
Cork & Confectioner
General (Domestic)
Gen Serv
Gen Lab
Engineer Fitter
Dress Maker
Domestic Serv
Dentist Assistant
Attendant At S Y Asylum (Inst Sev)