Bovill in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bovill
William Bovill
Joseph Bovill
George Bovill
Walter Bovill
Thomas Bovill
James Bovill
Robert Bovill
Phillip Bovill
Thos. Bovill
Arthur Bovill
Philip Bovill
Frederick Bovill
Edmund Bovill
Benjamin Bovill
Alfred Bovill
Edward Bovill
Edgar Bovill
W.T. Bovill
Hugh Bovill
Daniel Bovill
Henry Bovill
Bristow Bovill
Sam Bovill
Gerald Bovill
Richard Bovill
Geo. Bovill
A.Harsluke Bovill
Matthew Bovill
Francis Bovill
Josh. Bovill
Enoch Bovill
J. Bovill
Earnest Bovill
W.F. Bovill
Herbert Bovill
Charles Bovill
Harry Bovill
Fredk.Geo. Bovill
Owen Bovill
Frederic Bovill
Mansfield Bovill
Ernest Bovill
Willm. Bovill
Wheatley Bovill

Top female forenames

Mary Bovill
Sarah Bovill
Elizabeth Bovill
Margaret Bovill
Ann Bovill
Alice Bovill
Ellen Bovill
Jane Bovill
Eliza Bovill
Helen Bovill
Louisa Bovill
Emma Bovill
Harriett Bovill
Caroline Bovill
Emily Bovill
Catherine Bovill
Maria Bovill
Florence Bovill
Annie Bovill
Mabel Bovill
F.J.K. Bovill
Anna Bovill
Eustace Bovill
Amanda Bovill
Leonora Bovill
Ada Bovill
Laura Bovill
Ellenor Bovill
Jessie Bovill
Rachel Bovill
Henry Bovill
Eleanor Bovill
Maud Bovill
Constance Bovill
Martha Bovill
Hannah Bovill
Fanny Bovill
Anne Bovill
Lydia Bovill
F.J. Bovill
Lizzie Bovill
Esther Bovill
Lavinia Bovill
Stella Bovill
Julia Bovill
Rebecca Bovill
Priestly Bovill
Edith Bovill
Harriet Bovill

Top occupations

Corn Factor
General Labourer
Worsted Weaver
Railway Clerk
Clerk London
Carriage Builder
Wine Merchant
Grocer & Potatoes Dealer
Grocer And Draper
Half Pay Officer (Army)
General Shop Keeper
Foreign Timber Merchant And V Consul
Grocer & Provn Dealer
Household Duties (Ast)
Lodging House Keeper
Locomotive Engineer (Mine) ? (Iron)
Late Farmers Wife
House Property
Laborer Gasworks
Italian Warehouseman
Iron Merchant
Insurance Clerk
Fire Insurance Agent
Farmer Son
Farmer Of 216 A Employing 1 Lab & 14 Boys
Carpenter (Apprentice)
Carpenter & Joiner
Builder (Employ 4 Men)
Barrister At Law Q C
Bankers Clerk
Articled Clerk Solicitor
Architects Pupil
Carriage Builder (Ry)
Carriage Wife
Farmer Of 170 Acres
Farm Servt (Indoor)
Clerk To Father
Daughter Of Retired Officer In Army
Corn Merchant
Cook (Dom)
Coke Burner
Clerk (Builders)