Bowerbank in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bowerbank
William Bowerbank
Joseph Bowerbank
Thomas Bowerbank
Henry Bowerbank
Edward Bowerbank
George Bowerbank
Isaac Bowerbank
James Bowerbank
Lancelot Bowerbank
Benjamin Bowerbank
Arthur Bowerbank
Septimus Bowerbank
Frederick Bowerbank
Robert Bowerbank
Micheal Bowerbank
Ernest Bowerbank
Mathew Bowerbank
Cyrus Bowerbank
Jonathan Bowerbank
Alfred Bowerbank
Thos. Bowerbank
Harry Bowerbank
Fawcett Bowerbank
Matthew Bowerbank
Leornard Bowerbank
Chris. Bowerbank
Asmas Bowerbank
Johnathan Bowerbank
Andrew Bowerbank
Tom Bowerbank
Albert Bowerbank
Thompson Bowerbank
Sidney Bowerbank
Robt. Bowerbank
Fred Bowerbank

Top female forenames

Mary Bowerbank
Elizabeth Bowerbank
Jane Bowerbank
Sarah Bowerbank
Hannah Bowerbank
Ann Bowerbank
Isabella Bowerbank
Annie Bowerbank
Florence Bowerbank
Agnes Bowerbank
Edith Bowerbank
Frances Bowerbank
Alice Bowerbank
Eliz. Bowerbank
Catherine Bowerbank
Fanny Bowerbank
Eliza Bowerbank
Charlotte Bowerbank
Grace Bowerbank
Carroline Bowerbank
Anniett.. Bowerbank
William Bowerbank
Evelyn Bowerbank
Rose Bowerbank
Emily Bowerbank
Maud Bowerbank
Margaret Bowerbank
Julia Bowerbank
Cicely Bowerbank
Hanah Bowerbank
Caroline Bowerbank
Esther Bowerbank
Maude Bowerbank
Ellen Bowerbank
Ada Bowerbank
Maggie Bowerbank
Eleanor Bowerbank
Clara Bowerbank

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Farmers Son
Coal Miner
No Occupation
Provision Dealer
General Serv Domestic
Domestic Servant
Wood Turner
School Mistress
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Iron Miner
General Domestic Servant
Gen Lab
Farmers Wife
Assistant Of Restaurant
Farm Servant (Ag Lab)
Farmer Of 170 Acres
Farmer (652 Acres) Employs 4 Men & 1 Woman
Farmer Of 10 Acres
Farmer Of 13 Acres
General Labourer
Farmer Of 145 Acres
General Serv
Clerk In Engineers Works
Apprentice To Joiner
Blacksmith (At Iron Mines)
Blacksmiths Wife
Boot & Shoe Maker
Card Room (Half Time)
Certificated Teacher (Sm)
Daur Of Annuitant
Day Maid Ag Lab
Distiller Emp 15 Men And 7 Clerks (W & S Mercht)
Dom Gardener Unemployed
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servt