Bowery in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bowery
George Bowery
John Bowery
Thomas Bowery
Edward Bowery
James Bowery
Charles Bowery
Ralph Bowery
Harry Bowery
Francis Bowery
Joseph Bowery
Henry Bowery
Samuel Bowery
Fred Bowery
Richard Bowery
Thos. Bowery
Robert Bowery
Enock Bowery
Reginauld Bowery
Alfred Bowery
Lewis Bowery
Jabez Bowery
Walter Bowery
Frederick Bowery
Roland Bowery
Rbt. Bowery
Arthur Bowery
Patrick Bowery

Top female forenames

Mary Bowery
Sarah Bowery
Elizabeth Bowery
Harriett Bowery
Alice Bowery
Maria Bowery
Ellen Bowery
Eliza Bowery
Ann Bowery
Louisa Bowery
Charlotte Bowery
Emily Bowery
Jane Bowery
Clara Bowery
Celia Bowery
Emma Bowery
Edith Bowery
Judith Bowery
Constance Bowery
Hannah Bowery
Catherine Bowery
Florence Bowery
Caroline Bowery
Fanny Bowery
Annie Bowery
Minna Bowery
Amy Bowery
Marttia Bowery
Margaret Bowery
Leah Bowery
Deberah Bowery
Harriet Bowery
Hadah Bowery
Cath. Bowery
Winifred Bowery
Flora Bowery
Bridget Bowery
Rose Bowery
Elza Bowery
Alici Bowery

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Paper Maker
Farm Labourer
Coal Miner
General Lab
Ho Wife
Hotwater Engineer Unempl
Housekeeper (Dom)
Ironworks Labourer
Gun Room Servant
Soldier Driver R H A
Ship's Steward
Painter Letterpress Master Employing 1 Boy And Man (Occasionally)
Loco Engine Driver (Ry)
Linen Dresser
Labourer (Gen)
Laborer (General)
Telegraph Messenger
Foreman (Lime Wharf)
Envelope Maker
Cardboard Maker
Brickmakers Laborer
Bricklayer Labourer
Boiler Maker
Ag Labourer
Advertising Clerk
Chimney Sweep
Clerk Biscuit Factory
Engineers Apprentice (& M Mkr)
Engine Fitter At Works
Engine Driver
Driller At (Iron) Works
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant
Coal Stone Mine Worker
(Engine Tenter)